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"Nothing good about this...NOTHING"
This truly is an awful smoke. Poor packaging, poor construction, bad burn, ash, flavor is harsh like charcoal from first light. I wouldn't smoke these for free let alone pay for them. You shouldn't either.
eric s in Louisville ky September 18, 2014
"Not bad but sub par consistency"
it s a ok cigar but i will buy again
Jason in Jackson June 3, 2014
For the price, I don t think you can find a better quick hit cigar....
Ron in Wisconsin March 1, 2014
"Terrible, cheap smoke"
Tried these, couldn't finish the pack they were so bad. Nauseating smell, very bad taste. Wouldn't smoke these even if they were free. Won't do this mistake again.
in March 2, 2013
"nice smoke"
very nice, inexpensive smoke. The taste and draw were similar to a Macanudo Maduro Ascot, nice'' at bed 'time' i well buy more''
Robert' in Redding June 26, 2012
"Not bad but sub par consistency"
These aren't bad, but the consistency isn't great. Some are marvelous, and then the next is horrible. It might have just been my pack but I want to be able to enjoy all ten!
Ben in Texas June 26, 2012
"No bad for a little cigar"
No bad for abuot 20min smoke, but to mild for me
snowman in CA February 23, 2012
"Worth the price"
I had pretty low expectations but ordered these on a whim (and a sale). A very nice, inexpensive smoke. The taste and draw were similar to a Macanudo Maduro Ascot, but they aren't as pretty looking.
in December 5, 2011
"Impressive little sucker"
Received my supply of Famous Nicaragua Gordo's today and ordered the Lord Blackburn cigarillos 30 pack special and was very suprised. I smoked it off the truck too and it lasted 31 minutes and had a great taste, straight burn and zero defects of any kind. My girlfriend wanted them but now she will have to share them with me, lol. I will order more.
Rick B in Bakersffield, CA November 3, 2011
"Not Worth The Money"
Too dry, old, wasn't kept in proper conditions - has bad smell and bad taste
Art in LA November 3, 2011
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10 Construction (71) 100
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