Lotus Terminator IV Quad Flame Table Lighter Gun Metal: Quad Flame Gun Metal

Quad Flame Gun Metal

$55.99 Retail Price: $ 65.00
Blue Lighter
Quad Flame Navy Lacquer

$55.99 Retail Price: $ 65.00
Black Lighter
Quad Flame Black

$55.99 Retail Price: $ 65.00
Chrome Lighter
Quad Flame Chrome

$55.99 Retail Price: $ 65.00
NOTE: If you purchase this lighter, ALL items in your order will ship UPS Ground for a flat $8.99 S&H charge. [?]
Gunmetal Blue Black Chrome
Lotus cigar accessories include some of the most exciting designs in the market today, but they offer more than stylish good looks. Precision engineered, they are made to exacting conditions, ensuring years of hassle-free ownership. Whatever your style preference, Lotus has the right accessory for you.
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"Nice Design but Better as a Paperweight "
This lighter is a great design, feels nice in your hand has a tremendous flame, ...  more
Ethan Y in Dallas, TX
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