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Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10) Reviews [view details]

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"These + sunny porch + banjo + grape koolaid = WIN."
Honestly, these are the best I've ever had. I received a tin for my birthday, and they soon replaced Garcia Y Vega as my favorite brand of three years. They're mild and delicious. It's like they actually enjoy being smoked. Magical happy tubes in a sexy little tin. I would recommend to anyone. At all. Maybe even children.
Casey in Oregon! May 1, 2009
"Damn Good"
My old man smoked these when I was growing up but quit when I was about 5. I saw them in a CVS (ha ha)and instantly recognized them as my fathers go to smoke. I bought a tin and absolutly loved every one of them. I smoke one a week now and always keep a tin in my truck for a rainy day. They're getting pricier but I still smoke 'em.
Eddie in Dallas, TX April 15, 2009
"These little guys are a great quick smoke!"
If you're short on time, but still want a quality cigar, these little suckers will give you just what you need. A surprisingly tasty yet mild smoke, and an easy draw. I always fall back on the Ascots when I need a quick 30-45 minute smoke.
Bob Y. in Yonkers, NY October 11, 2008
"Coffee's Perfect Mate!"
picked up a pack of these today from my local tobacconist (although never again because they are about $6 cheaper from Famous) and they are terrific! They really do taste just like the bigger Macanudo's but only take 30-40 min. to smoke. Perfect for that first cigar of the day to accompany your morning coffee. All long filler, good construction, even burn, effortless draw, and all the flavor you know and love from Macanudo at a great price! These will no doubt remain a mainstay in my smoking rotation.
Jonathan in Oxford, MS February 11, 2008
Very smooth cigar. The don't last long and they don't taste as good as the maduro, but I will buy more.
Kevin in NW Arkansas February 24, 2007
"My fav. smoke"
I love these cigars for a short smoke these can't be beat.
Larry Bartlett in August 8, 2006
"Great Quickie Smoke"
Superb mild quick smoke. When you don't have time for a Baron, reach for one of these. Good draw, even burn, tight ash, great mild, yet full flavor.
Jeff in Eastern Oregon July 26, 2006
I started puffing tobacco as a kid in the late 1930s.Discovering the Macanudo Ascot was a stroke of good fortune.My close friends,all Korean War USMC vets too,like them very much. Thanks for a good smoke.
John Bishop in California December 22, 2005
"Great Short Smoke"
I absolutely love these cigars. They are well made, burn well, are of a consistant quality but most of all, they are one of the mildest, great tasting short smokes that I have tried. Good Job guys!
Nick Ebner in New Jersey October 8, 2005
"A Truly GOOD small cigar."
A nice, small, MILD cigar. Not very pretty, but a good flavor and draw.
Dean White in Bradford, Vt. , U.S.A. April 18, 2003
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10 Appearance (79) 100
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10 Taste (81) 100
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10 Construction (75) 100
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