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Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Tight Draw but Good Taste"
Have been smoking these for years, the draw is tight, but they taste like a cigar, like a cigar ought to taste. I just tried the Mac Courts and found the extra 2mm in diameter makes a big difference in the draw. I m smoking Courts now.
Bob in TN February 17, 2015
"Extremely Disappointing"
All-around bad--like Macanudo is passing off horrible seconds in a first place package at a third-rate, greasy spoon cafe --
Ted F. in Detroit Lakes, MN January 6, 2015
I love these little things, but lately they are getting bad. They leave a weird aftertaste, and are hard to draw. I think I might pass out before I finish it. Let's hope they get their game back on.
Jmoney in Pittsburgh, PA September 3, 2014
"unsmokeable garbage - dont waste your money"
I ve smoked these little cigars for 20 yrs. the last two years the quality plummeted. Don t waste your money on them. Hard draw poor burn POOR QUALITY I m CHANGING BRANDS
darryl in new york June 5, 2014
"Don't Buy! Don't Buy!"
Inconsistent quality. Hard draw & slow burn. Surprising quality for a Macanudo.
Darryl in NY February 1, 2014
"Hard draw!"
I would not buy these again. I couldn't believe that Macanudo couldn't make even a small cigar with a decent draw. I felt like a SCUBA diver trying to get air from an empty tank. They side-burned as well. Rocky Patel makes some very fine small cigars. My advice is to get a tin of anything Rocky makes instead
Jeff in Los Angeles July 21, 2013
"Not constant quality"
I have smoked Macanudo Cafe for about 5 years and they started out good but in the last 2 years there quality has dropped. They are a good cigar but I get some that have a pin hole or they won't draw I think the tobacco is to moist but over all they are a good cigar they just need more quality control on making them.
Repairman in Ohio January 17, 2013
"perfect quick smoke"
the 78 rating is too low for this cigar.it has a good flavor and is convenient for an after dinner walk.my rating is for this cigar is at least a 90
vin in brooklyn February 29, 2012
"Came to me fresh"
I was impressed to see that the box of 100 Macanudo Ascots was very fresh, more so than my local store and at a better price. As always, Macanudos truly are the world's finest cigars!
Dan B in Greeley, Colo. November 28, 2011
"Perfect for morning commute"
I'm new to cigar smoking and was looking one to smoke during my morning commute. These will definitely go into the rotation!
Leon in Maryland May 24, 2011
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10 Consistency (75) 100
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10 Draw (75) 100
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10 Appearance (78) 100
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10 Taste (80) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (74) 100
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