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Macanudo Cafe Reviews

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Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"Tight Draw but Good Taste"
Have been smoking these for years, the draw is tight, but they taste like a cigar, like a cigar ought to taste. I just tried the Mac Courts and found the extra 2mm in diameter makes a big difference in the draw. I m smoking Courts now.
Bob in TN February 17, 2015
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"Extremely Disappointing"
All-around bad--like Macanudo is passing off horrible seconds in a first place package at a third-rate, greasy spoon cafe --
Ted F. in Detroit Lakes, MN January 6, 2015
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Consistent Is The Name Of This Game"
I've been smoking Macs for years now. Always great tasting, almost always well constructed. They have a distinct flavor that you either love or hate. I happen to enjoy them.
Gene P. in East Hampton, NY November 6, 2014
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
I love these little things, but lately they are getting bad. They leave a weird aftertaste, and are hard to draw. I think I might pass out before I finish it. Let's hope they get their game back on.
Jmoney in Pittsburgh, PA September 3, 2014
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"unsmokeable garbage - dont waste your money"
I ve smoked these little cigars for 20 yrs. the last two years the quality plummeted. Don t waste your money on them. Hard draw poor burn POOR QUALITY I m CHANGING BRANDS
darryl in new york June 5, 2014
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
This was the first time I had tried this cigar. A nice, smooth clean taste. The draw was difficult and I gave up halfway down in frustration. Wont buy again.
Heather in NEW HAMPSHIRE April 11, 2014
Macanudo Cafe Gigante
"Satisfying and Smooth"
Never was a huge Macanudo fan, but these will now be a regular. An enjoyable smoke to the end.
Mike in NYC February 18, 2014
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"Don't Buy! Don't Buy!"
Inconsistent quality. Hard draw & slow burn. Surprising quality for a Macanudo.
Darryl in NY February 1, 2014
Macanudo Cafe Lords
"Consistently Excellent"
This is my first taste of the Lords size. It offers the consistently excellent smoking experience I have come to expect from all Macaundos.
John in Rhode Island September 8, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Tudor
"Solid Stick"
A solid stick, well made, burns cool, draw is perfect...long ash. No need to rush stays lit, reasonable price?perfect length of time. Goes well with a glass or two of old vine Zinfandel.
Jake in Sonoma September 2, 2013
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