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Macanudo Cafe Reviews

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Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Great smoke---Consistently good"
Nice draw, well constructed, consistent taste--mild.
Steve in Boston ma August 12, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Caviar
"Great cigar!"
First and foremost the size is perfect! For those who like to smoke a cigar in 10-15 minutes and like a medium as oppose to strong taste this is a little dose of heaven. My cousin an avid cigar connoisseur recommended this cigar and FSS and I'm one happy guy. The price is great compare to anything out there!
Ardy in Pasadena, CA August 8, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"Hard draw!"
I would not buy these again. I couldn't believe that Macanudo couldn't make even a small cigar with a decent draw. I felt like a SCUBA diver trying to get air from an empty tank. They side-burned as well. Rocky Patel makes some very fine small cigars. My advice is to get a tin of anything Rocky makes instead
Jeff in Los Angeles July 21, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures (8)
"Declining quality"
I have been buying these for years but orders over the last months have plugs on nearly every cigar, very disappointed.
Big D in CA July 10, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Court (Tubes)
"Nice and mild, smooth taste all the way to end."
I'm new to cigars, tried many so far, this is one is one my favorites. It is also great with both a heavy Red wine or bourbon.
Dave in Va July 5, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Crystal
"Mild smooth smoke, steady burn, good taste"
This is a nice cigar with a creamy smoke. The construction is a 28, Appearance is a 18, Lighting and Burn is a 13, Taste is a 30. Total = 89 Scale 1-10 : 8
Jim Murray in San Diego, CA July 3, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures (8)
"What happened to QC?"
I've been smoking these for years; My go-to cigarillo. Not any more. The last two boxes I purchased were full of broken, dry and unwravelling smokes.
Eric in Minnesota June 30, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Good construction, terrible taste."
The taste was sour, bitter, and even tart. Not worthy of another try. Stay away unless you are eating or drinking to mask the taste.
TT in NJ May 9, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Gigante
"great cigar, great price"
I have been smoking cigars since 1980 and am one of those long-time medium- to full-bodied aficionados who appreciates a mild cigar of excellent quality from time to time, always in the larger ring gauges. This Macanudo, the 6x60 Gigante, is the perfect mild cigar, consistently tasty and friendly, start to stop, rich and creamy without ever being overpowering. It is a wonderful experience with impeccable draw and construction. It has a nutty, earthy, slightly leathery flavor, like top-grade coffee with a smidge of real cream. If you like the steadfastness of a legend, say a Lincoln, a Caddy, or a good old Imperial, if you like the Hoyo Excalibur Number One, or the Montecristo, you will fall in love right down to the nub.
Steve in Saltsburg, PA April 19, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures (8)
"Great for a Short Smoke"
Tasty short smoke and gets better as you go. If you don't smoke it like a cigarette it will not be harsh due to its size. You might get one that's rolled to tight but not so often.
JayBee in N.J. March 27, 2013
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