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Macanudo Cafe Reviews

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Macanudo Cafe Caviar
"Nice smoke when you don't want a big one."
These are a great tasting, burning, and drawing little cigar for the money. They are mild and creamy and have a lot of smoke. Perfect for the drive home or the cold MN winters when being outside for a long cigar means freezing your weenie.
Doug in St. Cloud, MN January 21, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"Not constant quality"
I have smoked Macanudo Cafe for about 5 years and they started out good but in the last 2 years there quality has dropped. They are a good cigar but I get some that have a pin hole or they won't draw I think the tobacco is to moist but over all they are a good cigar they just need more quality control on making them.
Repairman in Ohio January 17, 2013
Macanudo Cafe Gigante
"My #1 Smoke"
This fat one takes home the cake for me, burns nice and even and tast well balanced from begining to end, a wonderful tast and leaves me satisfied not looking to smoke somthing else to get my fix. Love it man
James in San Antonio Texas December 13, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Baron De Rothschild
"Over rated"
Perhaps this was not a "normal" box of Macanudo. These cigars did not burn evenly and when they did they smoked very fast. They did not have a consistant taste and were an overall disappointment. Will NOT buy these again.
Daniel in Memphis October 6, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Gigante
RUBEN in BRONX,NY August 21, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Gigante
"Favorite smoke under $7!"
These big fat Macs are great! I was smoking one yesterday %26 the next thing I noticed was a 2 inch ash had formed. NO I didn't fall asleep with it in the ashtray, I was bringing it up to my mouth when I saw it. I don't smoke the thinner Macs cuz I've had trouble with the draw on a few of the smaller ones. This is my all time favorite smoke now. Goes pretty good with my morning Hazelnut coffee. I don't drink so I can't rate them with anything stronger, sorry. Great smoke, Jim
Jim in Hoffman Estates, IL July 9, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Court (Tubes)
"Nice smoke, great price"
Nice even burn, stays lit, not bitter or overpowering at all. Has nice pepper notes, just enough sweetness to balance the flavor, but not a "sweet" cigar. After trying one, I'm buying a box. Lasts 25-45 minutes. Good for coffee break or after dinner.
Lucis in Tennessee June 4, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"perfect quick smoke"
the 78 rating is too low for this has a good flavor and is convenient for an after dinner rating is for this cigar is at least a 90
vin in brooklyn February 29, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Standard-Bearer for Mild Cigars"
Just finish my most recent box of Hyde Park Cafes. The light, yet mellow Connecticut wrapper is ideally suited to, and compliments, the character of this cigar, which hasn?t changed much over the years. I keep some in humidor for those occasions when mood is best suited by a mild cigar. They have almost medium complexity, and sufficient tobacco oils to avoid dryness. Construction and burn are about par for cigars at this price point, but you?ll always get one or two sticks per box that were bunched/rolled so gnarly, that they?re almost impossible to smoke. I would rate overall taste = 87, which is about as good as it gets, for any mild bodied cigar.
Peter in Milford, CT February 7, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures (8)
"New cigar smoker"
I concur the minis sucked. Too harsh old sock naste is a good dicription. This is the first cigar I smoked and got home my kids pinched their noses. I've had the Ascot and liked it. But the minis are a maximum bummer . I paid 24$ for this lesson.
Hj in Ny December 31, 2011
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