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Macanudo Cafe Reviews

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Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"perfect quick smoke"
the 78 rating is too low for this cigar.it has a good flavor and is convenient for an after dinner walk.my rating is for this cigar is at least a 90
vin in brooklyn February 29, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Standard-Bearer for Mild Cigars"
Just finish my most recent box of Hyde Park Cafes. The light, yet mellow Connecticut wrapper is ideally suited to, and compliments, the character of this cigar, which hasn?t changed much over the years. I keep some in humidor for those occasions when mood is best suited by a mild cigar. They have almost medium complexity, and sufficient tobacco oils to avoid dryness. Construction and burn are about par for cigars at this price point, but you?ll always get one or two sticks per box that were bunched/rolled so gnarly, that they?re almost impossible to smoke. I would rate overall taste = 87, which is about as good as it gets, for any mild bodied cigar.
Peter in Milford, CT February 7, 2012
Macanudo Cafe Miniatures (8)
"New cigar smoker"
I concur the minis sucked. Too harsh old sock naste is a good dicription. This is the first cigar I smoked and got home my kids pinched their noses. I've had the Ascot and liked it. But the minis are a maximum bummer . I paid 24$ for this lesson.
Hj in Ny December 31, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Ascot (10)
"Came to me fresh"
I was impressed to see that the box of 100 Macanudo Ascots was very fresh, more so than my local store and at a better price. As always, Macanudos truly are the world's finest cigars!
Dan B in Greeley, Colo. November 28, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Baron De Rothschild
My other cigars are jealous. I found my new best friend and his name is Mac!
Doug in St. Louis November 8, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Worth it!!"
Great smoke, Pre light was fantastic as well as construction, the cigar cut like it was begging to be smoked. Although I would have liked to see a easier draw. the burn was fantastic, even and consistent the entire time. I smoked it a little quick, but all of the nutty and leather(like) flavors and aromas thoroughly developed. fantastic smoke!!
Dane in Houston November 6, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Baron De Rothschild
"Very consistent"
I have found all Macanudos to be very consistently well constructed cigars. An excellent cigar for sitting on the tractor for an hour and some, or just hanging out. Very easy draw, great burn. The only knock I have is that the taste is just a little on the bland side.
cmackie in Illinois September 28, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Court (Tubes)
"Not for me..."
Good looking cigar, easy draw, even burn perfect white ash and great aroma. However, in my opinion, it was a bitter smoke. Not my type of cigar.
Erik in Virginia September 19, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Court (Tubes)
"Good cigar for a quickie"
These cigars are perfect if you just want a good, quick cigar. Perfect for a break from work.
Scott in Indio, California June 14, 2011
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park
"Holy Smokes"
These cigars always receive rating in the 90s from CA and CI. They are the best value for a Dominican EMS wrapper and if you haven't tried one they are smoooooth. I rehydrated a Churchill from last century that was just shy of the trash, frayed at the tip. It smoked GREAT for an hour and 1/2! That's quality!
Scott Borton in El Paso, TX May 31, 2011
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