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Macanudo Cafe Crystal Reviews [view details]

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"Best Damn Cigar I ever had! Firm and Creamy!"
Want a GREAT Cigar??? Try This One!
Martin in Washington January 15, 2004
"One of my firsts and still One of my Favorites"
I was given some as a gift and is one of the mildest best tasting cigars i have ever had and i would surely go back to it again. It is a cigar worth the bucks.
Zulunet in Green Mountains VT December 8, 2000
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (78) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (80) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (81) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (88) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

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