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Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park Reviews [view details]

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Wrapper appeared somewhat rugged with irregular sets of veins. Burned evenly. Had white ash that held on for at least an inch or two. Stayed lit with infrequent puffing. Cool and smooth draw. Tasted woody at first and then sweetened with slight hints of spice and coffee.
Tuo in April 13, 2010
"Above Average"
This mild stogie was a pleasure to smoke. The flavor was pleasing all the way down, as was the aroma. Chocolaty almond taste, with a woody aftertaste. The construction was ok, but of uneven burning, but not too bad. Fairly recommended.
Sam T in California December 19, 2009
"Great Cigar"
A very great cigar. I'm new to the cigar world and have already found a favorite.
Brandon in WV November 22, 2009
"Good, solid cigar"
nothing fancy here, a well made cigar with a smooth flavor.
John in Mission Viejo, CA June 14, 2009
"A nice cigar"
A nice, mild to average smoke. Enjoyed it.
Phil in Washington, DC June 11, 2009
"Delightful, creamy, mellow, wonderful aroma."
This cigar was exactly what I was looking for tonight. It was a nice, warm, calm night and I was just looking to relax. This cigar had flawless construction and a simple, but tailored appearance. The light was easy and it burned razor sharp throughout. The draw was a little tight, but not uncomfortable. All Macanudos I've smoked so far seem to be rolled a little tighter than the other brands. The ash was firm and more white than gray. This cigar started mild and mellow and ended the same. The first third started with hints of caramel and sweet roasted nuts. The caramel and sweet roasted nuts remained, but were slightly pushed back by a stronger leathery presence in the second third, which took the lead into the final stretch. The finish was smooth with each puff and never harsh or overpowering. I loved the aroma of this cigar, which was slightly sweet. It almost reminded me of walking through a carnival and standing near the roasted cinammon walnuts and roasted peanut stand. Macanudo has impressed me, yet again. I'm looking forward to adding more of these to my humidor!
BG in FL June 5, 2009
"Expected better"
This was the first cigar that made me lightheaded and vomit. Other than that it was a boring smoke.
Karen in South Carolina April 29, 2009
"Good Good smoke!!"
As always a great cigar, great taste, and nice tight draw.
Eric in Minnesota April 29, 2009
"Ok, but not very exiting."
Ok,but not something I'd smoke on a dialy basis. Not exiting enough.
Steve in Texas April 22, 2009
"always good"
I try other cigars but I always compare them to the Hyde Parks and I regret that I did not order the Macs. They will always be my favorite
john demarco in January 25, 2009
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