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Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park Reviews [view details]

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"Very decent cigar!"
It was a bit tight on the draw for me, but managable. Good burn, and a nice creamy finish. A good cigar for the price!
smollock in Ventura, CA December 2, 2008
These cigars taste bitter even after resting in the humi for at least 2 months. Every one I tried tastes bitter with a soapy taste and runs.
Gavain in Hawaii March 8, 2008
"Best cigar, ever!"
I think I've smoked them all by now and Hyde Park has the greatest consistency of any cigar of any brand. I just keep ordering them and smoking 'em up!
Charles in Houston, Texas March 4, 2008
"Disappointed/Bad Draw"
I was very disappointed in this cigar. The draw was way too hard! I finally gave up after struggling half way through. I ordered a five pack and every one of them has been the same. Cigar smoking should be a pleasurable experience, not a lot of hard work and frustration. I had high hopes for the Hyde Park. I wish I could have had the experience other raters had.
Chad in Oklahoma September 7, 2007
A good tight roled,easy drawing,very flavorfull cigar .
James Cole in Alabama November 23, 2006
"OK, but not great"
I expected better from a cigar that's hyped as much as Macanudo. Tight draw which improved toward the end. Taste was nice and clean, but nothing special. Compared to my favorite everyday unit (Don Diego), it comes up short.
Ron in Phoenix May 24, 2006
"Great Smoke!!"
My significate other got me a sampler for Christmas from you . All the cigars in it were outstanding, But this is one great smoke, mild and smooth with no after taste and a long burn! My favorite!!!!!
Gary Engle in Norwalk,Ohio January 19, 2005
"Love those Prince Phillips!"
I've smoked all the Macandudos now and Prince Phillip is King! I like the Hyde Park for a short smoke but nothing beats Prince Phillip for a great relaxing smoke and a good read (maybe the Famous Tabacco catalogue?). BTW, I've shopped all the catalogues and Famous has the beat by a mile.
Charles Wiley in Denton, Texas January 10, 2005
"I now know why Macanudos are rated so high!"
Just started getting back into cigars, and tried a Macanudo Hyde Park from a sampler pack. Everything I read about Macanudos is true! Very mellow taste throughout the whole cigar, very light gray/near white ash which held to almost half way down the cigar, pleasant aroma, and an easy draw. The only thing I could find wrong with the cigar I smoked was some softness in some parts when I checked it over for firmness. Otherwise, a real winner in my book!! A 9 out of 10!
E. Castro in Hampton, VA March 2, 2003
"Mild, consistent and always a pleasure."
Excellent cigar. Beginning cigar affecionados should try this baby.
J. Stegeman in Ohio January 9, 2003
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