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"Declining quality"
I have been buying these for years but orders over the last months have plugs on nearly every cigar, very disappointed.
Big D in CA July 10, 2013
"What happened to QC?"
I've been smoking these for years; My go-to cigarillo. Not any more. The last two boxes I purchased were full of broken, dry and unwravelling smokes.
Eric in Minnesota June 30, 2013
"Great for a Short Smoke"
Tasty short smoke and gets better as you go. If you don't smoke it like a cigarette it will not be harsh due to its size. You might get one that's rolled to tight but not so often.
JayBee in N.J. March 27, 2013
"New cigar smoker"
I concur the minis sucked. Too harsh old sock naste is a good dicription. This is the first cigar I smoked and got home my kids pinched their noses. I've had the Ascot and liked it. But the minis are a maximum bummer . I paid 24$ for this lesson.
Hj in Ny December 31, 2011
These were recommended in a local shop and new to cigars I got them. These were nice looking in the pack, the aroma before lighting was very, very mild. They lit up easily but you had to keep on it or it would be out within a half a minute, I could, however, draw a light puff easily. My displeasure with these was the taste and smell. It has a harsh woody taste, like one reviewer said, old socks, I would agree.The aroma of the smoke wasn't pleasant either. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.
S. Young in Utah February 16, 2010
"Talked into these and boy am I glad"
Great quick little fix. These were excellent. The draw was a little tough, but will buy again.
Darryl in California November 12, 2008
"Worst i have smoked leaf unrolled smoking it eyoww"
leaf became loose at same moment insides fell out burning good suit pants, i was carefull to smoke remander ashtray in'hand, and yes they all began to unroll,never happened before or since,with any other brand !
Lonesome Sade in Avon August 8, 2008
I hate these. I've smoke some bad cigars, but these honestly taste like old socks.
-K- in Carmi, Illinois April 26, 2008
Cheap and taste great for being just a little guy. Nice when you want a quicky!
STEVE in AMSTERDAM NEW YORK September 9, 2007
The last box of the Macanudo Miniatures I purchased, about half of them were broken in the package. I was not smoking them quickly so by the time I found the broken ones it was too late to return them. Other than that these little babies are a nice quick, mild smoke through out the day
DAR in Seattle August 9, 2004
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