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Macanudo Gold Label Reviews

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Macanudo Gold Label Ascot (10)
"Ascot Gold Is Too Mild..."
Too Mild. I prefer a mild cigar like the Ascot but this Gold one is too mild. It does taste like grass when there is any flavor at all. Might be OK for infusing with flavor or for a lady starting out...
Bob in TN January 22, 2015
Macanudo Gold Star
"great smoke"
My first big gauge smoke. Not usually a fan of macanudo. I was sceptical at first usually I prefer a shorter 4-5 50-54 gauge smoke but this was surprisingly awesome. I got this in a private collection samplers and decided to try it since it was only one smoke and now im going to have to get a box,!!!!!
marco in hobbs, nm June 8, 2014
Macanudo Gold Label Ascot (10)
"Gosh~! it s sucks~!"
this is the worst stuff i ever smoked in my hold life~! it taste disgusting seems like smoking grass~!
Ryan April 11, 2014
Macanudo Gold Label Gold Bar
"Great light smoke"
Absolutely beautiful cigar. Tiny bit sloppy on the burn. Draw is a bit tight with less smoke than I like. Extremely mild smoke. Great stick overall. Perfect flavor for a cup of coffee at dawn. Favorite mild stick.
Adam in TX January 31, 2013
Macanudo Gold Hampton Court
"Good smoke, very mild"
I enjoyed this smoke. Very mild but has a distinct Macanudo taste that provides something to enjoy. This mild smoke would be a good choice for a beginner
Rick in Birmingham, AL August 22, 2012
Macanudo Gold Label Tudor
My second Macanudo type. Sweetish; not overly so, and smooth. Nex time I'll try a different size. Bob
Bob in Nacogdoches, Tx. August 15, 2012
Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare
"Review Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare"
Macanudo? What's the big deal on these cigars? Macanudo this, Macanudo that! General Cigars, go figure! I would not say is a bad cigar... well... yes, it's crap. I worked in the industry and I can honestly tell you there are far better mild smokes out there and way cheaper. there is a pattern that most Macanudo smokers do: They stay there and don't try anything else than that. I used to tell them to switch to Davidoff, Avo, Ashton. And if they don't want to spend so much then go with RP 1999, Chateau Real from Drew State, Cuesta Rey, RP Edge Lite or even better, Chateau Fuente Connecticut. So people, get out of the comfort zone and try one of those.
William in Kissimmee, Fl November 12, 2011
Macanudo Gold Label Crystal
"What a wonerful moring cigar with coffee"
What more can I say!
Mark in Eagan August 6, 2008
Macanudo Gold Label Lord Nelson
"Macanudo's a winner any time of the day."
Macanudo is a real classic.
barry in westchester il. May 9, 2008
Macanudo Gold Hampton Court
"smooth with great taste"
Great Cigar smooth with great taste not over powering for new smoker
Paul T in Katy Texas April 13, 2008
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