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Macanudo Gold Label Reviews

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Macanudo Gold Hampton Court
NORM in NAPERVILLE, IL. January 15, 2008
Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare
"Simply the Best"
The Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeares we have recently smoked were perfect in appearance, burned flawlessly, and gave off a lovely aroma that we each savored the length of this wonderful smoke. We all enjoy a mild cigar, and the sweet and caramelized taste filled our mouths and the scent filled our nostrils with a delightful aroma and is, hands down, the best cigar that we have smoked in a while. Construction appeared flawless, the draw was perfect, long ash and totally smooth burn make this our cigar of choice. Not inexpensive, but worth the money. We just ordered 2 more boxes!!
Cap Men in Connecticut December 27, 2006
Macanudo Gold Label Lord Nelson
"The best tasting cigar I've ever had."
A very good tasting, well burning stick. It's very mild and has a pleasant almost sweet taste. I'm relatively new to cigar smoking but the Macanudo Gold Label is hands down my favorite.
Chad in Florida August 8, 2006
Macanudo Gold Label Duke Of York
"Great Cigar. rating 9.4"
Great taste, very consistent.
Sam Andelman in Colorado April 28, 2006
Macanudo Gold Label Tudor
"By far favorite"
I was given a gift certificate for my Birthday from my brother, so I bought us a couple Mac Golds. We tripped nuts, (so to say) almost every draw. The construction was great with a tight draw and a nice even burn. I can't even tell you how much we enjoyed the flavor. This is definatly a cigar that you either love or hate.
Chris Holtzapple in ATL January 5, 2006
Macanudo Gold Somerset
"very mellow, very good"
Very mellow; slow, consistent burn; flavorful, yet not overpowering; worth the money
hornfrog in wyoming October 12, 2005
Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare
"Not much flavour"
Like all Macanudos, this cigar looked great, smelled great and tasted great. It is, however, what it is. A super mild cigar that lacks depth. An excellent morning smoke.
Mike in Salinas, CA June 16, 2005
Macanudo Gold Label Tudor
"Excellent all around cigar - best taste of any."
This cigar excelled in nearly every facet. Taste was the best I have tried period. Burn and consistency also 10 quality. Size and shape not necessarily my favorite but with the overall excellence I didn't care. I generally like a smaller diameter stick.
Rick Axtell in Eugene, OR June 16, 2005
Macanudo Gold Somerset
For costing so much, this cigar is a real disappointment. The cigars are rolled too losely, and the burn is light and uneven. The ash flakes off at the slightest breeze and makes a real mess. I was hoping for a mellow taste, but to be honest it burns the tongue. You are better off spending your money on a less expensive cigar, and getting twice as many (i.e., Gloria Cubana, Chateau Fuente, etc.).
Benjamin Mills in Longmont CO May 22, 2005
Macanudo Gold Somerset
I was disappointed this time around with the Mac Gold. Regretfully, I had the Somerset. My previous smoke was the Churchill (Lord Nelson). The Somerset smoked very hot and was lacking in the usual Mac fine taste. It also had some burning issues. The Lord Nelson I loved. It was my first experience with Mac Gold. I love the suddle difference from the Cafe series. The cafe series is like coffee with cream. The Gold series is like coffee, cream and a shot the Italian liquor Lemoncella. Other then this small difference all the usual Mac quality. I just had a bad experience with the much smaller Somerset. Will buy again only the Lord Nelson though. If you must still have a somerset gold start with a single or 5 pack before going to a box.
Steve Pozza in Woodbury, NJ. May 20, 2005
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