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Macanudo Gold Label Reviews

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Macanudo Gold Somerset
I was disappointed this time around with the Mac Gold. Regretfully, I had the Somerset. My previous smoke was the Churchill (Lord Nelson). The Somerset smoked very hot and was lacking in the usual Mac fine taste. It also had some burning issues. The Lord Nelson I loved. It was my first experience with Mac Gold. I love the suddle difference from the Cafe series. The cafe series is like coffee with cream. The Gold series is like coffee, cream and a shot the Italian liquor Lemoncella. Other then this small difference all the usual Mac quality. I just had a bad experience with the much smaller Somerset. Will buy again only the Lord Nelson though. If you must still have a somerset gold start with a single or 5 pack before going to a box.
Steve Pozza in Woodbury, NJ. May 20, 2005
Macanudo Gold Somerset
I think they are a "GREAT SMOKE" Its smooth looking, it lights up nicely, a perfect draw & it burns a nice White Smoke. The "Signature" Macanudo Aroma(I love it). The above comment goes for all the "GOLD SERIES" Mananudo's. Im a MAC LOVER, What can I say.
FEDEX MAN in SYRACUSE, NY April 28, 2005
Macanudo Gold Label Lord Nelson
"excellent morning cigar"
very tasty mild stick. Great first thing in the morning with coffee. A little too mild for an evening cigar, but definately worth the price. I just wish I could afford a box!
ed5881 in ohio April 2, 2005
Macanudo Gold Label Duke Of York
"What's the big deal?"
I don't know what the hype is all about. This cigar bruned well and had good draw but the taste was terrible. Taste is the most important thing to me and this cigar was not smooth and did not have any particular taste other than burning pepper, bad after taste, harsh smoke and no flavor. I like the 54 rings so I went with one of these and left it in the humodor for four months. After smoking it I am glad I didn't buy more than one!
Bill in Connecticut October 20, 2004
Macanudo Gold Somerset
"Superb! Mellow rich and creamy to the end."
This is truly a superb cigar! I don't want to put this cigar down until I almost burn my lips. It maintains its rich, creamy, mellow flavor from the start to the end.
Steve White in Canyon Lake, TX August 7, 2004
Macanudo Gold Label Duke Of York
"NICE !!!"
Im new to the world of cigars, so Ive taken more to the mild to medium cigars. Ive tried many and I have to say that I loved and enjoyed the Macanudo gold. Im not sure what all the correct terminology I should be useing but I really enjoyed it, it didnt sting my tounge, every puff was easy and people around me who do not smoke at all told me that my cigar smelled great. I can only afford to buy 2-3 at a time , I only wish it was a little cheaper to buy a box but I can understand why the price is what it is.
Jaime in San Antonio Texas January 24, 2004
Macanudo Gold Label Tudor
"The Best Smoke"
Finally got myself a box of these beauties and I am thrilled. I generally prefer to buy my smokes in small quantities (5 or 10 packs) because I love to stock my humidor with a wide range of sizes and strenghs. But after I sampled my first Gold Label, I knew that the next time these came around I wanted a box so I would never have to be without this selection. It's that good. Beautiful to look at, exceptionally smooth and sweet all the way through and although very mild, the flavor is delicious. The only negative is that the burn can be a little inconsistent but that's a small deficiency in my mind because the taste and texture are so awesome. If you like em smooth and silky, this is one you have to have.
Alan in Tampa October 16, 2003
Macanudo Gold Label Duke Of York
"Pricey for Value"
Good Cigar w/ nice appearance, mild smoke w/ very good draw. Unique nutty flavor that finished a little metallic. Price high for the value. Many better smokes available for less. Score 86
J B Ford in Boston, MA October 2, 2003
Macanudo Gold Label Tudor
One can only hope to get his hands on this smooth cigar. Given to me on the 4th of July I only had to ash twice the entire cigar. Smooth, Flavorful, and complimenting a nice merlot this baby is the end all of even draw. Enjoy!
Jim Bred in New England July 8, 2003
Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare
"These Macanudo Shakespeare's suck."
These Macanudo Shakespeare's suck. Poor (by that I mean terrible) construction, poor burning, and a sour, bitter taste. I can directly compare these to a bad Caridad, which costs a small percentage of the price. I've run across a few that were "OK," but these are by far a rip off. There're loosely rolled, they burn knots, and the ash flakes off into pieces all over me. I really hate these. I just stopped trying to smoke them, because I have to constantly nurse them. Not worth a cent of what I paid. Tell Macanudo they better start doing damage control, if they want to keep getting their price. Finding a cheap cigar is not difficult.
John N. in Raleigh, North Carolina March 24, 2003
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