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Macanudo Gold Label Lord Nelson Reviews [view details]

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"Macanudo's a winner any time of the day."
Macanudo is a real classic.
barry in westchester il. May 9, 2008
"The best tasting cigar I've ever had."
A very good tasting, well burning stick. It's very mild and has a pleasant almost sweet taste. I'm relatively new to cigar smoking but the Macanudo Gold Label is hands down my favorite.
Chad in Florida August 8, 2006
"excellent morning cigar"
very tasty mild stick. Great first thing in the morning with coffee. A little too mild for an evening cigar, but definately worth the price. I just wish I could afford a box!
ed5881 in ohio April 2, 2005
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (90) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (92) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
Poor - Excellent

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