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"Review Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeare"
Macanudo? What's the big deal on these cigars? Macanudo this, Macanudo that! General Cigars, go figure! I would not say is a bad cigar... well... yes, it's crap. I worked in the industry and I can honestly tell you there are far better mild smokes out there and way cheaper. there is a pattern that most Macanudo smokers do: They stay there and don't try anything else than that. I used to tell them to switch to Davidoff, Avo, Ashton. And if they don't want to spend so much then go with RP 1999, Chateau Real from Drew State, Cuesta Rey, RP Edge Lite or even better, Chateau Fuente Connecticut. So people, get out of the comfort zone and try one of those.
William in Kissimmee, Fl November 12, 2011
"Simply the Best"
The Macanudo Gold Label Shakespeares we have recently smoked were perfect in appearance, burned flawlessly, and gave off a lovely aroma that we each savored the length of this wonderful smoke. We all enjoy a mild cigar, and the sweet and caramelized taste filled our mouths and the scent filled our nostrils with a delightful aroma and is, hands down, the best cigar that we have smoked in a while. Construction appeared flawless, the draw was perfect, long ash and totally smooth burn make this our cigar of choice. Not inexpensive, but worth the money. We just ordered 2 more boxes!!
Cap Men in Connecticut December 27, 2006
"Not much flavour"
Like all Macanudos, this cigar looked great, smelled great and tasted great. It is, however, what it is. A super mild cigar that lacks depth. An excellent morning smoke.
Mike in Salinas, CA June 16, 2005
"These Macanudo Shakespeare's suck."
These Macanudo Shakespeare's suck. Poor (by that I mean terrible) construction, poor burning, and a sour, bitter taste. I can directly compare these to a bad Caridad, which costs a small percentage of the price. I've run across a few that were "OK," but these are by far a rip off. There're loosely rolled, they burn knots, and the ash flakes off into pieces all over me. I really hate these. I just stopped trying to smoke them, because I have to constantly nurse them. Not worth a cent of what I paid. Tell Macanudo they better start doing damage control, if they want to keep getting their price. Finding a cheap cigar is not difficult.
John N. in Raleigh, North Carolina March 24, 2003
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