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Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10) Reviews [view details]

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"nice and sweet"
they are my new fav smokes. excellent maduro flavor, but mild. only complaint some are poorly constructed and have no draw. perfect for new smokers who are not up to an entire stick
wedman in wash dc September 27, 2012
"Most the time a real nice smoke"
purchased two 10 packs (200 cigars). Eight out of ten, are a fine smoke. But that 20 percent are too tight to get a decent draw. On the bright side 80 percent are damn nice cigars.
Jim in San Diego April 14, 2012
"My favorite daily smoke"
I love these little guys. Mild, great construction. Very tasty.
nedpwolf in vegas December 5, 2011
"Absolutely Fantastic"
Fantastic small cigars. I've tried many many brands of small cigars over the years but I ALWAYS come back to Macanudo Ascot Maduros. Why? The consistancy. Mellow and smooth. Flavorful but not over powering. A relaxing and simple smoke. No matter how many times i venture forth and try new brands, I always have Macanudo at the ready. Always.
GUY22 in NYC July 20, 2011
"Great construction & taste, poor draw"
This little cigar is great except for the draw. It is simply packed too tight.
Robert Harris in Lawrenceville Ga. February 4, 2011
"good flavor, tough draw"
Great flavor but not buying again because the draw is bad. No matter how hard I drag on it I cannot get enough smoke. Lasts longer that way, but drives me nuts.
Hailas in Portland October 26, 2010
"Perfect little smokers"
I've been making my way through several brands of cigars lately. The Macanudo Madura are rapidly becoming my favorite, just a personal thing I suppose (like their maduro diplomat as well, how about famous smoke carry those, huh?). I actually like most of the General Cigar offerings (i.e. Partagas) but these little babies just hit the spot. Great draw from start to finish, not overly peppery, nice maduro smoke and flavor. Hey guys, this is a little cigar meant to fill the void between having no cigar at all to smoking one of the big boys. Let's not get too serious about it. They come in tins of 10 and I'll have them continually hanging around for various occasions, not the least of which will be the daily late afternoon decompression from work paired with a decent whiskey/scotch!! Nice taste, enjoyable smoke. Not much more you could ask for from a daily smoker (and these are every bit of that!!) Enjoy!!
Maxx in Binghamton, NY October 23, 2010
"Did not like"
The cigars fell apart, tobacco was alright.
Steve in The Keys September 1, 2010
"One of my favorite small cigars!"
The Macanudo Maduro is one of my favorite small cigars. In fact, I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys a relaxing smoke after a meal. When the 10/10 price drops below $100 I will fill up my humidor completely!!! Excellent draw and construction. Very consistent medium flavored cigar. I highly recommend this one to all of my friends!
David in Colorado August 31, 2010
"A very good small cigar with an excellent price."
What I love about these small cigars: - They have a healthy oily sheen that you can see and feel. - Their draw is much better then the Onyx Impulses, as well as, the amount of smoke produced. - Timewise, they fit into my schedule 25-35 minutes, and satisfy my need for a sweet smoke. - Compared to the prices of the larger cigars from Macanudo, they are a great investment. - Better consistency in the enjoyment receive when smoking them, compared to the Onxy Impulses. - All of them have been smoked to the nub.
Matthew in Snohomish, WA August 28, 2010
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10 Consistency (84) 100
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Appearance (88) 100
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10 Taste (87) 100
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10 Construction (83) 100
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