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Macanudo Maduro Reviews

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Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
This arrived this week and I got a chance to smoke it tonight. It s a very good smoke. I liked the taste all the way through.
Mike in Virginia May 16, 2014
Macanudo Maduro Baron De Rothschild
"Smooth Tasting with Bold Hints at the Tip"
Excellent smoke, smooth draw that decorates the pallet with a nutty oak taste and rich flavor and then exits with bold undertones and a captivating aroma.
Chad Taylor in Texas September 19, 2013
Macanudo Maduro Baron De Rothschild
"Delcious But Dangerous"
This cigar's tobaccos are beautifully chosen, and the taste is magnificent, but beware. The draw is as tight as if you didn't cut the cap. Poor construction. Many are also bent in a bow shape. Awful.
A Funaro in Granada Hills CA September 12, 2013
Macanudo Maduro Diplomat
"Shorty that packs a punch!"
Lot of full bodied flavor packed in to a small cigar. Burns evenly, great construction, and wonderful flavor through and through.
Hunter in NC February 16, 2013
Macanudo Maduro Gigante
"The Best"
Consistant tast and burn My favorite. I do not look to smoke another after this one, it satisfies me.
James in San Antonio Texas December 13, 2012
Macanudo Maduro Prince Philip
"Great cigar!"
Great cigar. Burn tended to go lopsided but it would straighten out, and it stayed lit without problems. Draw was a "tad" tight but sometimes small ring churchills are like that and it was a problem to smoke. Love the taste of these (but these are not "complex" cigars), and no harsh back-of-the-throat burning. Construction was consistent without any soft spots. It's my favourite "medium" cigar to date!
Bill in Windsor, ON, Can October 21, 2012
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
"decent...need to try one more"
I just got done smoking this cigar. At first i couldnt draw much smoke so i had to cut about 1 ΒΌ inch off the end. After i cut it i could finally draw from the cigar. It was sweet at first then by the end it was spicy and peppery. I need to try this one more time.
steven September 29, 2012
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"nice and sweet"
they are my new fav smokes. excellent maduro flavor, but mild. only complaint some are poorly constructed and have no draw. perfect for new smokers who are not up to an entire stick
wedman in wash dc September 27, 2012
Macanudo Maduro Prince Philip
""Don't Buy"!!!"
Out of a box of 10 only 1 was partially smokable. All of them had no draw and extremely dry and as hard as a rock. I'm not exagerrating and they were in the best humidor I could buy. There are "Junk".
Lee in Northwest Indiana September 13, 2012
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Most the time a real nice smoke"
purchased two 10 packs (200 cigars). Eight out of ten, are a fine smoke. But that 20 percent are too tight to get a decent draw. On the bright side 80 percent are damn nice cigars.
Jim in San Diego April 14, 2012
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