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Macanudo Maduro Reviews

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Macanudo Maduro Diplomat
"Great taste A very fine looking cigar"
Looks like I will be buying more of these cigars.
Lumpy in Southern Calif August 26, 2011
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Absolutely Fantastic"
Fantastic small cigars. I've tried many many brands of small cigars over the years but I ALWAYS come back to Macanudo Ascot Maduros. Why? The consistancy. Mellow and smooth. Flavorful but not over powering. A relaxing and simple smoke. No matter how many times i venture forth and try new brands, I always have Macanudo at the ready. Always.
GUY22 in NYC July 20, 2011
Macanudo Maduro Diplomat
"Smooth with great flavor"
I'm hooked. May never smoke another brand.
Ricky Jones in Decatur, IL May 19, 2011
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Great construction & taste, poor draw"
This little cigar is great except for the draw. It is simply packed too tight.
Robert Harris in Lawrenceville Ga. February 4, 2011
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
"Slow to warm up to, but tasty in the end."
I've been wanting to smoke the Hyde Park for a few months now. Finally got around to ordering a 5-Pack. The cigar looks very nice with the dark, Maduro wrapper that wasn't as oily as I expected. The cigar fired right up and stayed well lit throughout. The draw was a little tough with a bit too much resistance. It was more mild (kind of blah) in the 1st third. But the flavor kept getting better as I worked into the middle and final third. The wrapper left a nice sweet taste on my lips. There were some hints of spice in the last half. Especially during a retro-hale. I tried to "loosen" up the cigar to get a better draw, but only helped a little. Overall, I'd smoke this one again. Paired it with a glass of 40 Creek Whisky.
Jeff in Minnesota January 30, 2011
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
After thirty years of cigar and pipe enjoyment I have finally found a quick smoke that is AWESOME...even burn...slow...full bodied...nice hold...I actually smoked it down to the very end. It was AWESOME. Thank MACANUDO for a great smoke...what a comeback product...
Max in Bowie Maryland November 8, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Baron De Rothschild
"Top notch, a must for maduro lovers"
In the past 35 years, I have sold cigars and acquired a taste for them. In all of my years of maduro research, without a doubt, this cigar is the no. 1 cigar in my book. Love the taste and quality of this top drawer cigar.
Mark Borich in Branson West, MO October 27, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"good flavor, tough draw"
Great flavor but not buying again because the draw is bad. No matter how hard I drag on it I cannot get enough smoke. Lasts longer that way, but drives me nuts.
Hailas in Portland October 26, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Perfect little smokers"
I've been making my way through several brands of cigars lately. The Macanudo Madura are rapidly becoming my favorite, just a personal thing I suppose (like their maduro diplomat as well, how about famous smoke carry those, huh?). I actually like most of the General Cigar offerings (i.e. Partagas) but these little babies just hit the spot. Great draw from start to finish, not overly peppery, nice maduro smoke and flavor. Hey guys, this is a little cigar meant to fill the void between having no cigar at all to smoking one of the big boys. Let's not get too serious about it. They come in tins of 10 and I'll have them continually hanging around for various occasions, not the least of which will be the daily late afternoon decompression from work paired with a decent whiskey/scotch!! Nice taste, enjoyable smoke. Not much more you could ask for from a daily smoker (and these are every bit of that!!) Enjoy!!
Maxx in Binghamton, NY October 23, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
I tried one of these and was rather disappointed... Maybe it was because I'd had a Padron 3000 the week before, but I thought it was extremely bland. The burn was decent, and the draw was excellent. Plenty of smoke. The burn rate was a little fast for my taste. It started off very harsh, but it mellowed out after a half inch. It had loads of nicotine, my gosh I was buzzing only half way through the stick! That irritated me. The rice paper thin maduro wrapper came unraveled shortly after I took off the label, so I took it off to see if I could tell the difference. Low and behold, there was almost none! I laughed out loud! What a joke! In fact, it almost tasted BETTER if anything! (And I enjoy a good maduro.) This cigar is a joke in my book. Maybe a beginner who didn't know any better would like it, I don't know. Maybe I got a bad one, but I don't think I'd give it to a friend let alone recommend it.
Carson in Seattle October 6, 2010
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