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Macanudo Maduro Reviews

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Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Did not like"
The cigars fell apart, tobacco was alright.
Steve in The Keys September 1, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"One of my favorite small cigars!"
The Macanudo Maduro is one of my favorite small cigars. In fact, I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys a relaxing smoke after a meal. When the 10/10 price drops below $100 I will fill up my humidor completely!!! Excellent draw and construction. Very consistent medium flavored cigar. I highly recommend this one to all of my friends!
David in Colorado August 31, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"A very good small cigar with an excellent price."
What I love about these small cigars: - They have a healthy oily sheen that you can see and feel. - Their draw is much better then the Onyx Impulses, as well as, the amount of smoke produced. - Timewise, they fit into my schedule 25-35 minutes, and satisfy my need for a sweet smoke. - Compared to the prices of the larger cigars from Macanudo, they are a great investment. - Better consistency in the enjoyment receive when smoking them, compared to the Onxy Impulses. - All of them have been smoked to the nub.
Matthew in Snohomish, WA August 28, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Baron De Rothschild
"Very tight!"
This cigar looks very nice, tastes OK. I have to say however that I am very disappointed. The draw was horrendous and one can only conclude that it is poorly constructed.
Aubrey in Bowie, MD August 19, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
"New favorite after-dinner smoke"
No clue what some others are saying... I'm not big on peppery kick, I just love a smooth, mild-medium bodied smoke that doesn't break the bank. The maduro gives this a nice leathery/earthy/cocoa flavor that just mellows me out. Beats out Onyx Reserve and many others. Though, if you want a dessert smoke, try the Maroma Dulce. This is not a stogie that I would recommend to a person that wants a ton of tobacco flavor... great for a newbie.
Jeff in Indiana May 17, 2010
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
Im New to the Cigar scene but, I have smoled quite a few cigars, This 1 is the one I will ALWAYS buy, and keep the humidor stocked with. PERFECT burn, LOOOONG ash, great tatse..
Ray in Syracuse November 8, 2009
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Great in a time crunch!"
Very enjoyable; great all the way around! Sat on the porch in Maine; watched the leaves fall and enjoyed every minute of this smoke.
onlpkr in Lowell Ma November 2, 2009
Macanudo Maduro Ascot (10)
"Great 40 Minute Smoke"
Great 40 Minute Smoke! Aromatic, mild and creamy... can't beat this delightful little smoke for $1 each.
James in Concord October 14, 2009
Macanudo Maduro Baron De Rothschild
"the best of the best of maduro cigars"
Wow!! what can I saw about these Baron De Rothschild maduro cigars from Macanudo. I have sold and smoked cigars since the mid-1970's, always searching for "that" cigar. You know, the one that looks and tastes great. The one cigar that will fit your personality as well as your palate. Well, folks, this one is it. Great looks and construction, plus a super taste makes this my #1 pick of cigars. If you are a maduro smoker like me, why purchase anything else?? Stop the searching and make this one your cigar!!
Mark in Waterloo, Iowa September 25, 2009
Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park
"Horrible Draw, full of sticks and stems"
Got the 5 pack in a Wise Buy. First one I loved but after that I could not get a any draw at all, it was like sucking on a coffee stir stick. Finally I decided to cut this last one open and it was full of sticks and stems. I'd expect this from a value stick but not from a Macanudo! When you spend good money on a good cigar its really frustrating to get sticks and stems!
Daniel in IL September 22, 2009
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