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Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park Reviews [view details]

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"Fabulous smoke"
Aside from needing a blow-torch to light it, this is a very good cigar. If you are looking for a richer full body Mac this is your cigar.
Brian in Portland OR May 23, 2009
"Started out nice"
Had a nice flavor to begin with, then just past half way started to have a nasty bite to it. Great cigar if I discarded my smokes halfway thru, but I like to smoke down to the nub.
Spike in The Gold Coast Nassau County March 30, 2009
"Another GREAT maduro"
Yet another smoke that will remain in my box at all times. I only have a one complaint, a few of these have had a tight draw. A little finger rolling does the trick though. Other than that, a great smoke. I recommend it to anyone, even NUB's will like this one.
Paul in Longview Washington October 28, 2008
"A great cigar!"
I really enjoyed this smoke. It has a lot of flavor, and it was never too powerful.The burn, appearance, and overall construction are top shelf! My wife even enjoyed this one and suggested that I buy more without even asking what the price was... THAT IS PRICELESS!
Paul in Longview September 16, 2008
"A Very Mild Maduro"
This is pertaining to the Hype Park 5-pack. I agree with the others about the tight draw. It is certainly not unsmokable by any means, but too tight to get ample smoke. It is a mild maduro with little flavor.
CJ in Yardely, PA May 8, 2008
"where is the taste?"
the cigar's construction fit into the premium catagory however compared to a sancho panza double maduro or an occidental maduro, this Mac lacks taste. it begins rather smooth as the draw is a bit too tight, but once it begins smoking the cigar burns well, it just lacks taste,. the bundled version cigars have a blend that burns too hot usually but has some taste to it., i kept waiting for the taste to kick into gear which didnt occur, i couldnt taste anything special on this cigar however the construction was decent, not terrific but decent, problem is, this cigar has vreitually no taste, nothing distinct whatsoever. i got excited looking forward to it but was left disappointed due to its lack of taste, if it has any to begin with. Surprised this is Mac's version of a maduro, its plenty mild i suppose as the wondertful taste i was expecting never occured. its a balnd tasting maduro, bland at best.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 6, 2008
"Price to high"
I am supprised to find after auction I over paid through this site. The 5 pack was mis labeled when bidding was taking place which led to a higher price. Not happy about that.
Brad in Hawaii February 16, 2008
"Take it out of the cellophane"
To Aaron: Based on your ability to spell, I suspect that you did not take the cigar out of the cellophane before trying to light it. That will give you an inconsistent smoke. This is one of the best Maduros on the market. This is the one that got me hooked on Maduros.
Mike in Murrieta, CA October 20, 2007
"Extremely Tasteful"
The Macanudo Hyde Park maduro cigar is delicious. A smooth medium flavorful cigar. A nice rich taste with every draw. This cigar will be my maduro cigar. I've given a few out to friends and they loved it.
Doug in South Florida October 19, 2007
"Great taste"
Got these in a sampler, looks good, nice construction, and GREAT TASTE. The only thing wrong is it's a hard (tight) draw.
C. Mallory in La Verne, CA July 1, 2007
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10 Consistency (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (82) 100
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10 Appearance (92) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
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