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Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park Reviews [view details]

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This arrived this week and I got a chance to smoke it tonight. It s a very good smoke. I liked the taste all the way through.
Mike in Virginia May 16, 2014
"decent...need to try one more"
I just got done smoking this cigar. At first i couldnt draw much smoke so i had to cut about 1 ΒΌ inch off the end. After i cut it i could finally draw from the cigar. It was sweet at first then by the end it was spicy and peppery. I need to try this one more time.
steven in September 29, 2012
"Slow to warm up to, but tasty in the end."
I've been wanting to smoke the Hyde Park for a few months now. Finally got around to ordering a 5-Pack. The cigar looks very nice with the dark, Maduro wrapper that wasn't as oily as I expected. The cigar fired right up and stayed well lit throughout. The draw was a little tough with a bit too much resistance. It was more mild (kind of blah) in the 1st third. But the flavor kept getting better as I worked into the middle and final third. The wrapper left a nice sweet taste on my lips. There were some hints of spice in the last half. Especially during a retro-hale. I tried to "loosen" up the cigar to get a better draw, but only helped a little. Overall, I'd smoke this one again. Paired it with a glass of 40 Creek Whisky.
Jeff in Minnesota January 30, 2011
After thirty years of cigar and pipe enjoyment I have finally found a quick smoke that is AWESOME...even burn...slow...full bodied...nice hold...I actually smoked it down to the very end. It was AWESOME. Thank MACANUDO for a great smoke...what a comeback product...
Max in Bowie Maryland November 8, 2010
I tried one of these and was rather disappointed... Maybe it was because I'd had a Padron 3000 the week before, but I thought it was extremely bland. The burn was decent, and the draw was excellent. Plenty of smoke. The burn rate was a little fast for my taste. It started off very harsh, but it mellowed out after a half inch. It had loads of nicotine, my gosh I was buzzing only half way through the stick! That irritated me. The rice paper thin maduro wrapper came unraveled shortly after I took off the label, so I took it off to see if I could tell the difference. Low and behold, there was almost none! I laughed out loud! What a joke! In fact, it almost tasted BETTER if anything! (And I enjoy a good maduro.) This cigar is a joke in my book. Maybe a beginner who didn't know any better would like it, I don't know. Maybe I got a bad one, but I don't think I'd give it to a friend let alone recommend it.
Carson in Seattle October 6, 2010
"New favorite after-dinner smoke"
No clue what some others are saying... I'm not big on peppery kick, I just love a smooth, mild-medium bodied smoke that doesn't break the bank. The maduro gives this a nice leathery/earthy/cocoa flavor that just mellows me out. Beats out Onyx Reserve and many others. Though, if you want a dessert smoke, try the Maroma Dulce. This is not a stogie that I would recommend to a person that wants a ton of tobacco flavor... great for a newbie.
Jeff in Indiana May 17, 2010
Im New to the Cigar scene but, I have smoled quite a few cigars, This 1 is the one I will ALWAYS buy, and keep the humidor stocked with. PERFECT burn, LOOOONG ash, great tatse..
Ray in Syracuse November 8, 2009
"Horrible Draw, full of sticks and stems"
Got the 5 pack in a Wise Buy. First one I loved but after that I could not get a any draw at all, it was like sucking on a coffee stir stick. Finally I decided to cut this last one open and it was full of sticks and stems. I'd expect this from a value stick but not from a Macanudo! When you spend good money on a good cigar its really frustrating to get sticks and stems!
Daniel in IL September 22, 2009
"Nice, Nice Maduro"
I will agree, its a little tight on the burn. It makes up for in flavor and consistency. I am more of a natural smoker but this maduro i stock in my box. I enjoy more then the few other maduros i have had. Try one or five and enjoy!!
Mike in August 12, 2009
"What can I say but "Great""
These are one of my favorite cigars. I have never had a bad one. The draw and burn are very consistant, and the taste is extreamly even all the way t the band. The cigar stays together very nicely from start to finish I always know I am going to have a good smoke when I grab one of these.
Sarge in Iraq August 4, 2009
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