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Macanudo Robust Reviews

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Macanudo Robust Ascot (10)
This cigar wouldn t light! Even if I held the lighter to it, it wouldn t draw! The wrapper was so dry it came off immediatly!! I thought I got a bad batch so I open another tin..big mistake..they did the same thing. I am sending the other 3 tins back today.
Collette in Las Vegas, NV August 8, 2014
Macanudo Robust Duke Of Devon
"Great smoke"
This is a great cigar. I usually stick to monte cristos2 and was bit worried about this box of Macanudos. But wow what a pleasant surprise.
Joe in Yorba linda May 10, 2014
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"Not too bad for the price"
Bought a couple of boxes because they were on sale. Not a bad cigar, but the draw is very inconsistent from one cigar to another from the same box. Pretty disappointed given Macanudo s claim to fame. Think I ll stick with the Maduro Hyde Park. Better and more consistent.
RTD in TexaS April 16, 2014
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
These cigars are addictive! It starts out nice and smooth, but the flavor seems to get better as you smoke it. The Prince Phillip was long lasting, and even at that I could not out it down until the very end.
John Mayhew in Cape Cod February 1, 2012
Macanudo Robust Baron De Rothschild
They were rolled so tight you could not get any draw through them. I tried to rod them and they just broke open. FAIL No smoke . Pure junk
John Mayhew in Cape Cod February 1, 2012 October 5, 2010
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
This is by far one of my favorite cigars. The taste is great. The draw is great. The burn is a little uneven, but still better than most. I highly recommend!
Mike October 13, 2009
Macanudo Robust Baron De Rothschild
"Rich Flavor, Great Construction, Highly Enjoyable"
I was surprised by the flavor of this. I knew to expect more than from a regular Mac, but I wasn't expecting dark rich roasted coffee. I'm not talking Java or Kaluha here. It's not at all sweet. There are some (subtle) layers of earth and spice, but it's relatively one dimensional. That's not a bad thing in this case, because it's a great dimension, but there it is. Great build, relaxing draw, and the wrapper was almost velvety in texture. Overall a fine smoke.
Rick in Riverside CA March 11, 2009
Macanudo Robust Portofino
"Great, smooth flavor throughout the whole cigar!"
This is a great cigar! I would still be considered a newbie in the cigar world, but with being able to try a real Cuban Romeo y Julieta while on vacation...This is a good substitute!
Henry in Oak Forest, IL March 19, 2008
Macanudo Robust Ascot (10)
"Awful at any price"
Good taste and smell, but draw was comparable to attempting to suck mashed potatoes through a straw
Phil in Virginia March 8, 2008
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
"Not My Cup of Tea"
I had one of these after a nice dinner on Sunday. I like the regular Mac's, though they are more of a morning smoke. I decided to give the Robust a try; the last time I smoked one of these was almost 10 years ago. It was certainly more robust than a standard Mac, but really didn't thrill me with any complexity. Half way through, I was only smoking it out of boredom; the flavor did not keep me wanting more. Not a bad or horrible smoke; just not something I would keep in my humidor.
Brian in Kentucky January 6, 2008
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