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Macanudo Robust Reviews

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Macanudo Robust Portofino
"Good Smoke"
Love this cigar,smokes well and has a great taste and flavor. I really enjoy the smoke.
Herbert Singer April 3, 2006
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"No good/ waste of money"
This square cigar burns unevenly to a extent that is really upsetting . It has a very depressing Ash color and taste when you remember how much you paid for it and how many you have left over. It has butchered its name.
sia in tampa bay March 4, 2006
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
"Always a great cigar."
Hyde Park is the Best cigar I have had the pleasure of smoking. It is always smooth to the very end . I find my self smoking it down to a small stub I can barely hang on to, because it is so good. I have recommeded it to my freinds and they all love it too. Great Smoke .Famous also has the best price of anyone..
Greg H in Starbuck Minnesota November 4, 2005
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"What have you done?"
Macanudo, what have you done to my favorite cigar? Since Macanudo Robust has been reintroduced the burn has gone down hill, consistency stinks, and I HATE the square press. Bring back the former smokes
Ray in New York April 20, 2004
Macanudo Robust Baron De Rothschild
"A great cigar"
I'm not a fan of regular Macanudos, but these are very good. Much more flavorful, although not as spicy or full-bodied as some. Excellent construction and taste.
Mike in Detroit March 27, 2004
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"Macanudo Robusto Prince Philip"
I went through two boxes and found the taste great in both, but in one box the cigars were really pressed and hard to draw. Then in a few I experienced a bitter taste halfway through the smoke that ruined the cigar. When they are good they are really good, but there are problems with consistency: big time.
Chuck in Arizona February 7, 2004
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
"one word....Smooth"
I got this in a sampler pack, when my humidor is empty, it will be refilled with these. I liked it with a nice brandy, both tasted creamy. they complimented each other well. Enjoy.
Smokin' Joe in Colorado July 10, 2003
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"Exceptional Quality"
I am so tired of looking for a consistent cigar in every way. FOUND IT. Other brands should take note. The MAC Robusto has great draw, ash and burn. The flavor is the same great taste from the first puff to the last. Make mine MAC.
Danny Alvarez in Atlanta October 12, 2002
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