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Macanudo Robust Reviews

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Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"Macanudo Robusto Prince Philip"
I went through two boxes and found the taste great in both, but in one box the cigars were really pressed and hard to draw. Then in a few I experienced a bitter taste halfway through the smoke that ruined the cigar. When they are good they are really good, but there are problems with consistency: big time.
Chuck in Arizona February 7, 2004
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
"one word....Smooth"
I got this in a sampler pack, when my humidor is empty, it will be refilled with these. I liked it with a nice brandy, both tasted creamy. they complimented each other well. Enjoy.
Smokin' Joe in Colorado July 10, 2003
Macanudo Robust Prince Philip
"Exceptional Quality"
I am so tired of looking for a consistent cigar in every way. FOUND IT. Other brands should take note. The MAC Robusto has great draw, ash and burn. The flavor is the same great taste from the first puff to the last. Make mine MAC.
Danny Alvarez in Atlanta October 12, 2002
Macanudo Robust Portofino
"The Robust Portofino is a real joy to smoke!"
The Macanudo Robust Portofino is both smooth and strong enough to enjoy as a nice alternative to larger ring size smokes. All my friends that I have given it to are very pleased with a great cigar at a modest price compared to similar brands in the same ring size and length range. The length of the smoke is very pleasing - it lasts for a very long and delightful smoke. The consisitency is very good also with very few smokes being a tight roll that is very common with other small ring size brands. .
John V. Foley in Sagamore Hills, Ohio August 18, 2001
Macanudo Robust Diplomat
"A Macanudo Letdown"
This tiny cigar, with a good name, becomes very expensive when you realize that only 1/3 of it can be smoked. Initial flavours are decent; but after the first 1/2 inch, it needs to be relit with every puff, unless you are a frantic puffer. The taste disappears, and disposing of the cigar becomes more appealing than keeping it lit.
Howard in Toronto March 30, 2001
Macanudo Robust Petit Corona
"A wonderful small cigar."
Medium bodied with excellent construction and draw. Partargas #4 smokers try this one.
Tom in Hamden, CT February 15, 2001
Macanudo Robust Petit Corona
"Macanudo Robust Petite Corona"
Great tasting cigar, but wrapper does not stay put. Tried about 6 of these from different cigar stores and each one had a problem with the wrapper. Price is right, and good flavor.
Paul G in Newort RI December 6, 2000
Macanudo Robust Ascot (10)
"What a nice smoke!"
Ultra smooth with a flavor and aroma great time after time. Savor it in small puffs and be sure not to drag on it too hard. You'll enjoy 20 to 30 minute of a real treat.
Dean in Eugene, OR November 19, 2000
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
"The best I've put a match to in a while!!"
The worst thing about this cigar is having to finish it!! A great smoke...
Chris Beckner in Atlanta, GA October 23, 2000
Macanudo Robust Hyde Park
"A good and tasty smoke"
This cigar provided an excellent draw and a nice white ash which it held very well. I like the slightly spicier taste provided by the Dominican blend. This stick smoked tasty and cool right down to the end.
Robert Wilson in Evansville, IN August 4, 2000
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