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Madelaine Analog Hygrometer Reviews [view details]

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"Arrived DOA"
Opened the box and was on zero. Stayed there all day. Tap the side and the needle just bounces around.
Steve in PA January 29, 2015
"Works very well"
Does actually work. Boveda tested it and it's dead on. Also dead on with other calibrated hygros, with no adjusting necessary. Really does work out of the box.
Greg in PA January 5, 2014
"very dependable"
Have been using this unit for over a year and never fails me.
tom in tennessee December 21, 2012
"Good littl hygrometer"
I just bought a couple of these as kind of a back up to my digital ones. I'm amazed that they were actually accurate right out of the box. I put them in a bag with one of my trusted digital units and gave them the old salt test. They were spot on 75% RH just like the digital. I didn't have to adjust them at all.
Mike in Jeff, MO August 31, 2012
"Impressive - it actually works!"
I can't believe this is more reliable than the many digital ones I've gone through over the years. Worth many times the price to me. Comes with a thin profile magnet mounting system. Adhesive has stuck perfectly. All in all, I cannot think of any reasonable way to improve this product. As I said, worth the money and more!
Scott in September 28, 2011
"Best one..."
I bought several hygrometers at the same time and out of all of them this little guy is the one that went into my new humidor. Better than the two large analogs I bought here. Easily calibrated,(I placed it next to my digital house hygrometer/thermometer which was verified as acurate), within a couple of days. I like it so much, I'm buying another for my fourth humidor.
Scott in Indiana June 17, 2011
"Works well after calibrating, easy to read."
Works well after calibrating, easy to read with the nice blue marks & the black trim and bubbled display glass (really plastic ) looks good... hope it holds up.
Eric S in NJ May 27, 2011