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"Great Cigs"
O.K. so I'm not a big fan of flavored cigars; although, I'll occasionally dip my side of the stick in a glass of Zaya rum and even less occasionally smoke a Swisher or sweet Backwoods. And at first, I thought ughh. But it grew on me. The construction and burn are top notch. And the bourbon flavor made the smoke an event. Now I can't smoke anything else. Luckily I was able to get the last box from Famous before they sold out. There are a few five-packs left. Buy them before they're gone! The 10th anniversary is a little sweeter than the regular makers cigar too!
Joe in Nor Cal September 13, 2013
"great overall"
Good price. beautiful flavor and burn.
Chris lozano in albuquerque nm June 20, 2013
"awesome flavor with a hint of whiskey"
I'm relatively new to cigars and have smoked probably less than 50 good cigars, but I picked one of these up while at a casino. I liked this smoke much better than any other I've tried so far. Great favor and the hint of bourbon just kicked it off for me, as I love good bourbon. I recomend trying one of these cigars.
Steve K in December 12, 2008
"I'm with Tommy Tennessee on this one..."
I was offered one of these stogies at a Cigar Social a couple of weeks ago and I must say that this cigar took me by my values and swung me around like a bikini top at a Guns 'n Roses concert! (I'm a recovering alcoholic.) This cigar left a hint of bourbon on the palate as well as those other flavors associated with cigars (Sorry. Temporary lapse of memory!) and had a nice, pleasant aroma. A real treat to smoke. Highly recommended.
Sketch in Connecticut March 18, 2008
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