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Maker's Mark Reviews

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Maker's Mark 538
"Pretty Harsh!"
Tastes like a dime store brand that is priced like a quality cigar. Smoked 2 and know I am not a fan. Gave my son late 20 s a couple. After the first smoke, his text: . . . man its pretty harsh .
Agiat in NY & Miami July 20, 2014
Maker's Mark 538
"very nice cigar, will be getting more"
This was a nice cigar, reasonable burn time and different flavour, something that sits well on the pallet of the evening. I found i could walk away from it and come back and have a taste, it burns well, however a little hot.
Agiat in NY & Miami July 20, 2014 in New Zealand November 2, 2013
Maker's Mark 10th Anniversary
"Great Cigs"
O.K. so I'm not a big fan of flavored cigars; although, I'll occasionally dip my side of the stick in a glass of Zaya rum and even less occasionally smoke a Swisher or sweet Backwoods. And at first, I thought ughh. But it grew on me. The construction and burn are top notch. And the bourbon flavor made the smoke an event. Now I can't smoke anything else. Luckily I was able to get the last box from Famous before they sold out. There are a few five-packs left. Buy them before they're gone! The 10th anniversary is a little sweeter than the regular makers cigar too!
Joe in Nor Cal September 13, 2013
Maker's Mark 10th Anniversary
"great overall"
Good price. beautiful flavor and burn.
Chris lozano in albuquerque nm June 20, 2013
Maker's Mark 650
"... awsome"
First time smoking these didn't know what to expect. opened it up and got kicked in the teeth with a powerful bourbon smell. Although i was now thinking the minute i light this cigar my face would explode like a a well known cartoon, i lit it up. first draw was great. In fact almost all the way to the bottom it was great then out of nowhere there was no bourbon taste, bouquet, or even a good draw.so in all good but needs to be lower price.
jl in miami May 11, 2013
Maker's Mark 562 Torpedo
"Not worth the money"
WAY overpriced and hyped. Just a nasty old man cigar. You expect a little bourbon flavor but it just isn't there. I would have rather rolled up 12.00 and smoked it.
Adam April 29, 2013
Maker's Mark 650
"not sure yet but..."
OK so I have yet to smoke the three that have been gifted to me but as a long time cigar smoker I have to comment on the reviews as the flaws stated are fairly common. The poor burn and the flaking wrapper are all consistent with smoking the cigar (this or any smoke) too soon. Not to explicate to the choir but cigars are made up of three different tobaccos; namely the filler, the binder and the wrapper. The filler is the meat of this sausage and it is the densest part. Often times it comes out of the factory a bit wetter than the rest. If your smoke is "obdurate" and doesn't draw well this is the culprit. If your stick burns with a big pencil pointy end, this is also the problem. Next is the sausage casing or the binder. This also comes from the factory a bit wet though it is thinner than the filler. If you get a "tunneling cherry" and a wildly un-even burn this is often the culprit. Last comes the wrapper, the bun, and because it is the thinnest layer it is often the driest and will regularly flake and peel. The best thing to do when you buy a cigar, no matter from where, is to put it in your humidor and let it set for at least a month. This way the wet inside and the dry outside will have time to come to agreement. Do not judge a cigar unless the ash on your stick is pretty much the same shape as the cigar end you started with. Otherwise it is too wet or dry and hence the flavors are not what they should be.
W.Dan in Boonville, CA December 27, 2012
Maker's Mark Cigarillos (10)
"no bourbon taste"
bourbon taste? maybe if you sit next to a bottle of bourbon.
glenn December 30, 2011
Maker's Mark 650
"So Good, So disapointing"
Ugh, from the start it was so tasteful but it was hard to draw in. it wasnt until half gone that the draw was better. the skin broke apart to easy though which was unfortunate. if this cigar was cheaper then it would be worth it to get a whole box. worth the try but dont be shocked if its not quite what you expect.
Nikko in Tacoma, Wa November 14, 2011
Maker's Mark 650
"Awesome, just awesome"
Our cigar club kicked off with a Makers Mark night featuring MM650 cigars paired with MM bourbon. The cigars were a hit and we had run out before the evening ended. These smokes are not to be missed and quite honestly, ordering from Famous was the right choice too. Friendly service, good price and quick shipping.
Kismet Shriners Cigar Club in Long Island, New York August 5, 2011
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