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Maker's Mark Cigarillos (10)
"Not what I expected"
I am a big fan of the bourbon, but the cigars came up short. It would be better to have your favorite bourbon with a better cigar.
Ray in Alabama June 16, 2011
Maker's Mark 650
"Best Infused Cigar Ever!"
I love Ghurka Grand Reserve cognac cigars... On a recent business trip, the restaurant we were at wanted $125 a stick for the Ghurka's. Since that was a total rip off the bartender suggested the Makers Mark for only $30ea. I found this cigar every bit as good as the Ghurka if not a little better tasting. I highly recommend this cigar. You won't be disappointed.
Bill N. in Boston May 9, 2011
Maker's Mark 650
"Okay, but not Kentucky's best"
Don't get me wrong, not a bad cigar. Out of the tube the tobacco is beautiful, supple and soft. The aroma is delectable with not hints of, but copious amounts of bourbon smell. I used a double bladed cutter and lit with a wooden match but found instantly that the first half of this stick was obdurate in its draw. The taste however was quite complex, yielding bits of wood and nut flavor with a strong leather that brought it all into a pleasing flavor. About 4 pulls into the smoke, the wrapper began cracking up and breaking away - strange considering I was outside in 75 degree weather with a very fair humidity and a nice cool breeze. Halfway through the taste turned acrid, the leather and wood disappearing to leave only the earthiness of the nut behind and this lasted until the last quarter of the smoke. At this point the flavor became much more subtle and nuanced once more, only to give to a very acidic end at the nub. All said, a decent stick, but for a dollar or so less one can get the Siglo VI (Altadis made of course). Or for another take on Kentucky and bourbon in a cigar, one might check out the Blanton's Black Label Robusto from Kentucky Gentlemen for about the same price and a far superior hand rolled (not just hand made) stick.
Thomas in Kentucky August 23, 2010
Maker's Mark 650
"Bad Ass Cigar"
A 10. A fucking 10. No shit. Kicks ass all across the board. Best cigar I have ever had.
c.palmer in hell yes..texas July 24, 2010
Maker's Mark Cigarillos (10)
"Inaccurate Description"
Received a tin of 10 in yesterday's mail and while I haven't tried one yet I should point out that the description is inaccurate. The cigarillos are plastic wrapped, not in tubes as the blurb currently says.
Tom in Cleveland May 20, 2010
Maker's Mark 650
Excellent! This has got to be my favorite smoke. Rich, smooth, outstanding taste and perfect draw. They're a bit pricey but ,hey, I think you pay for what you get .
Thanh in TX December 20, 2009
Maker's Mark 650
It's a beauty
joe in x May 12, 2009
Maker's Mark 10th Anniversary
"awesome flavor with a hint of whiskey"
I'm relatively new to cigars and have smoked probably less than 50 good cigars, but I picked one of these up while at a casino. I liked this smoke much better than any other I've tried so far. Great favor and the hint of bourbon just kicked it off for me, as I love good bourbon. I recomend trying one of these cigars.
Steve K December 12, 2008
Maker's Mark 10th Anniversary
"I'm with Tommy Tennessee on this one..."
I was offered one of these stogies at a Cigar Social a couple of weeks ago and I must say that this cigar took me by my values and swung me around like a bikini top at a Guns 'n Roses concert! (I'm a recovering alcoholic.) This cigar left a hint of bourbon on the palate as well as those other flavors associated with cigars (Sorry. Temporary lapse of memory!) and had a nice, pleasant aroma. A real treat to smoke. Highly recommended.
Sketch in Connecticut March 18, 2008
Maker's Mark 650
"Makes me wish that I still drank........"
Excellent presentation, and easy to open. Superb sweetish whisky taste with out the alcohol. Slow even burn with 1 1/2" of solid white ash. Find a good place to relax and enjoy this fablous cigar. One of my favorites
tennessee tommy in Memphis, Tn July 7, 2006
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