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Junk! The worst ever!
Val in Minnesota February 22, 2013
"Great smoke to alway keep with you."
I have a 5 pack leather pouch in my truck that I usually keep filled with this cigar. It is a great everyday cigar that I usually smoke on my home comute (23mi.) I find the quality of construction, the draw and the burn excellent. If I want to, I can get an even 1.5 to 2 inch ash with no offset in side or middle burning. The mildness of the cigar's taste and smell also allows me to carry it into my local Moose Lodge without disturbing anyone. (Yes, we can still smoke in the Social Quarters in Florida) A good cigar at a good price. If you haven't tried them yet, I suggest you do. I am already on my 5th box.
Ken in Saint Petersburg, FL January 24, 2010
"Don't waste your money"
The worst burning cigars I have ever had. They either burn down one side or they burn just in the middle. Can't seem to keep them lit. I would not recommend these cigars to anyone.
Tom in New Lenox IL October 4, 2009
"Pretty Good Smoke"
I smoked my first Maroma (natural) in the evening and was very disappointed. To be fair, I had smoked a Rocky Patel Cuban Blend previous so this cigar was like smoking hot air in comparison. This morning, I smoked another with a cup of joe and it was actually very good. It is most definitely mild but it has a very good taste. The burn was impeccable (completely even throughout the entire cigar). For experienced smokers, this is definitely a morning cigar. In fact, I think it would be a very good selection to enjoy with a cup of joe on a Saturday morning while watching some football. A well built, very smooth, mild strength, medium body smoke that could be overpowered if smoked with the wrong beverage, but could be easily enjoyed when smoked with the right one.
Bill K. in Naples, Texas August 20, 2009
"Ouch! What a green burn!"
After looking forward to a great smoke, I was poorly impressed with the green burn which it produces. Even left them in the humidor for 2 weeks and still get the green finish. No more for me.
Eric in Kitsap Peninsula September 29, 2008
"First Impression"
The packaging is beautiful and the cigars appear to be in very good shape. That is all the positive things I could say about this cigar. It is one of the worst cigars I have ever tasted. I could not even finished 1/3 of one. It taste "green....very green" and with an unpleasant metallic notes. Not much better than smoking rolled-up newspaper (Well, I never smoke rolled-up newspaper before, so I could be wrong). I put the rest in my humidor and will attempt another one in 2-3 months time. Will give an update review if deemed necessary. The Mosaic line is a much better choice.
Rocco Yiu in CA May 11, 2008
"Very disappointing smoke"
The construction of the cigars was such that they frequently burned out of the side. Poor construction, even for the lowe price. Not a good buy.
Lyle E Wray in May 10, 2008
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