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Maroma Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Poor construction ruins an otherwise decent cigar"
Cigar is very poorly made. The poor construction negates what otherwise was a pleasant smoke with better than average taste. Too bad.
jhuterp in silver spring, md June 7, 2008
After smoking one of the best mixed filler cigars I had ever tasted (Maroma), I ordered a box of the Maroma Maduro Coronas thinking a good maduro wrapper could only enhance a good cigar. I could not have been more wrong. These cigars have an artificial almost chemical flavor I can only attribute to the wrapper. It's like the fillers were totally overwhelmed by the wrappers putrid flavor.
Joseph in New London Ohio November 13, 2007
"You get what you pay for"
I was impressed with the Maduro Toro by Maroma, but the natural wrapper Corona was a disappointment; even at the bargain price I purchased them for. This will be the cigar I give away to any of my amateur cigar smoking friends and neighbors.
Darren Smith in Indianapolis September 2, 2007
"Falls apart"
Thinking I was going to get a deal on this cigar. While the smoke is OK, the end starts to fall apart. I thought maybe it was the first 1 or 2 but I got a box of 25 (plus 5 robustos) and every one that I have smoked does the same. Very disappointing.
Russel Buskirk in Delaware April 29, 2007
I definately dislike this cigar. I got them as a free gift for buying my ususal brand.
Paul G in Colorado February 6, 2007
"Worth the money"
I bought a box which I quite enjoy. Nice wrapper, good volume of smoke, not harsh or bitter, pleasant flavor. Construction is a little soft, but that's the trade-off. My infrequent smoker friends enjoy them.
Steve Tindall in DE November 3, 2006
"Maroma Corona is a very good every day Cigar"
I have smoked a box and have ordered more. I think they are a good buy for a good Cigar.
James Strickland in Georgia October 13, 2006
"Very good cagar at a low price"
This is a very good cagar at a good price. It has a good draw and a enjoyable flavor.
James Strickland in GA September 28, 2006
ARMAND BATTISTA in FL August 18, 2006
"Not worth the price"
There is about one inch of great flavors in the Corona. However, before and after that inch, this stick is overpriced. After cutting, the filler leaves little bits in the mouth. Yuk! At first bland, then flavorful, then just barely OK. Just not worth the work or price.
JS in Santa Rosa, CA August 3, 2006
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