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Maroma Dulce Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"My new favorite sweet cigar"
I have smoked thousands of sweet-tipped cigars since the early 70's starting with the now-deceased Mississippi Sound Crooks and many others, including lots of Baccarats, and I now have a new favorite in the Maroma Dulce. I was not a fan of the plain Maroma as I felt it had an inferior cap and a lot of tobacco would end up in my mouth, but the construction seems much better on the Dulce. It has a wonderful draw and a most agreeable sweet flavor. I think for the price it is a perfect successor to Baccarat, although the Dulce ring-gauge is limited to 3 different lengths of 50, so those who prefer a smaller ring-gauge will be out of luck.
Alan in Mississippi April 26, 2010
"Beyond my expectations!!!"
Mild in what I have been searching for and have found it in the past in Ashton's and Baccarat's ... but I have to say after smoking 4 Maroma Dulce Churchill's that I am very impressed. There was no after taste later or anything noticeable that affected my sleep....the morning after was good for an occassional cigar smoker. I am ordering more as we speak!
John E. in Wisconsin March 11, 2010
"OK Cigar. ."
Description says that "It has a sweet cap and the smoke is toasty, well-rounded, and creamy with notes of latte coffee and cocoa on the finish." Well, in my opinion after trying two of them (got worked up about it in anticipation of receiving my order). Nothing to get too excited about. It definitely had a sweet cap and was toasty, but I didn't taste the creamy latte and cocoa finish. I was hoping it would be a good substitute for the TABAK Dulce, but it didn't even come close. Wont buy again., SORRY !
Lou B. in Orland Park IL March 10, 2010
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