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Maroma Dulce Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Great Cigars"
I love these cigars. My wife and I have been smoking them for about 5 years now. They are very toasty and creamy tasting. Never bitter. A lot of these guys complaining about no good cause they come apart etc... I have in that time had some bad ones, however I have also had bad ones in the $100 range so it s just a gamble. No bad cigar is good no matter what it is or cost. I've gotten good ones more times than I can count. I'm smoking one now and awww man, it's really hitting the spot. With a cup of mocha cappuccino. This box of 25 wins again. I'm hooked on these for sure.
Michael Connell in Mexico January 17, 2014
AWFUL-AWFUL--AWFUL- Been smoking them for years--the I noticed a change /difference in the cigars about 2 boxes ago. Don't stay lit---can't draw BURN HORRIBLY,very disappointing. I don't think I'll be ordering them again. Seems like I'm not the only one. Just read all the negative reviews.
Mr R. Passaretti in New Jersey August 18, 2013
"can't smoke these"
Horrible construction, entire box burned so uneven, also couldn't keep them lit if you set one down for 1 minute. Taste is not bad, but they're not smokeable!
tom in ghirardi January 22, 2013
This is one of the best sticks I've ever burned! Great all the way through and finished off with a nice kick. These are top on my list to buy again.
Kael in Manhattan, Kansas February 11, 2012
"poorly made"
Not too bad on taste...just seem to come apart too easy, some had bad draw (too tight) and almost all the cigars in my box burned awful!
Jake in northern plains December 20, 2011
This is one cigar I will never purchase again. I received one in a sampler and thought nice, SLIGHTLY sweet taste, mild but flavorful. I ordered/received my box and the first one out tasted like it soaked in sacharin solution for 30 days. I'm sure hoping the other 24 aren't as bad, but that first one sure made me not want to dive in for another. Yeck, is all I can say.
Ken in Missouri June 6, 2011
"Smooth, Sweet , and Creamy"
After trying a sampler Dulce Robusto that my uncle gave me, I was looking to get some more. I found box on the auction, and I got them at a GREAT price. This cigar was everything Famous advertised it to be. Smoked one right off the truck. If you like mild and sweet, this stick is for you. Only draw back is I have had a couple with a tight draw. No flaking,craking, or breaking at the foot when punched. If you're like me and have to budget your smokes, then you can't beat this creamy hour plus smoke. I'm a HAPPY CAMPER!
Martin in Carrollton, GA January 23, 2011
What a pleasant surpirse!! I just got a 5 pack of the Robusto and all I can say is WOW!!!! These start off with a nice sweetness and are mellow to the end. I like the Pai Gow you guys have but, these are an affordable every day of the week smoke. Well worth the $50.00 or so for a box. Where can you find something you enjoy for that price in today's times? I am completely sold!!!
Phillip in Mesa, AZ July 21, 2010
"not very good"
not as mild as its made out to be . bitter at times .sad to say not worth 50 bucks a box..tasted better cigars at $19. a bundle.
Rob in staten island ..new york May 29, 2010
"Way too mild"
Like the sweet cap, but a little too mild, and ironically I like mild. Burned well.
Bob B. in Yonkers, NY May 3, 2010
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