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Maroma Dulce Reviews

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Maroma Dulce Toro
"Great flavor, Inexpensive but not Cheap!"
I went online to order a box of Isla Del Sol and added a box of the Maroma Dulce to just try them out. The price point was fantastic. I now smoke these more than the Isla Del Sol.
Uncle J.B. in Monroe NC July 19, 2013
Maroma Dulce Test Flight
Nice throughout, good burn and flavor. My wife noticed the good aroma. Great buy!!
Sam in Western Colorado July 17, 2013
Maroma Dulce Toro
"Worth $1.10"
Well, it was sitting in the auction at $4.21, and I bid $22. I rated it about a 65 across the board. It s a $1.10 cigar - no more, no less. I WON'T DO IT AGAIN.
Stan in Tucson May 31, 2013
Maroma Dulce Robusto
"Better than expected...I want more."
I was sitting on my front steps with a capuccino and a Maroma Dulce robusto that I got in auction as part of a java sampler and it was so nice I looked up reviews to see what others thought. The review on cigaradvisor was spot on... great with coffee, nice burn and draw, very subtle sweet and carmel flavors. Overall I was surprised how good this was for price. I like the Tabak Especials more...but not enough to justify the cost difference. I'm getting a box before the price jumps.
Tony in Syracuse, NY April 14, 2013
Maroma Dulce Robusto
"Great for price."
Great stick for the price. Very mild, good burn, draw is OK. I love the taste, no frills just mild tobacco taste and ever so slight sweetness. Not a great finish. If i smoked daily, this would be a go to. Very nice, light smoke. Great price.
Josh in Alabama March 8, 2013
Maroma Dulce Corona
"Save the heartache and money"
Was initially excited to find a sweet tip at such a low price but soon found out why. Ordered a box of these as an everyday smoke. Disappointed was an understatement. Awful taste, uneven burn, and the wife even thought the aroma was terrible. Exact words were "that cant taste good". In addition the wrapper would consistently come loose during smoking even with the greatest care taken when handling.
J. Murrell in Tennessee February 27, 2013
Maroma Dulce Test Flight
"Great taste, terrible draw and burn!!!"
I have somed one of the Churchills and one of the Toros. Both had a very nice flavor, comparable to Baccarat which is my daily "go to" cigar. However, both cigars were impossible to keep lit and the draw was as tight as I have ever seen. That also created a very uneven burn. Won't be buying anymore of these because of the burn and the draw.
Bob in Little Rock Ar February 19, 2013
Maroma Dulce Test Flight
"Nice, I tasted the sweet cap - smooth."
Draw was good, bit of an uneven burn. I tasted caramel and vanilla tones. Good with my cappaccino!
Margo in Arizona February 13, 2013
Maroma Dulce Churchill
"can't smoke these"
Horrible construction, entire box burned so uneven, also couldn't keep them lit if you set one down for 1 minute. Taste is not bad, but they're not smokeable!
tom in ghirardi January 22, 2013
Maroma Dulce Robusto
"Very smooth! Very sweet cap!"
Very Sweet cap and a very smooth not harsh at all. The downfall of this stick is the finish is not very good at all. The trick to these cigars in my opinion is to LET THEM REST give them 1 month or more and it turns into a VERY good stick. I always keep some on hand.
Michael in Cincinnati January 16, 2013
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