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"...I m glad I survived..."
I had one of these thank goodness from a sampler pack. It was sitting in the humidor for a few years and I discovered recently. It looked nice - smelled lightly sweet but when I cut the cap and took a dry drag...I immediately wanted to chuck it out - it was sweet and sickly. It lit up fine and the taste was mild, though the sweetness came through until the bitter literally end. I tossed the unraveled butt in the street.
Joe from Ottawa in Canada November 18, 2014
"Save the heartache and money"
Was initially excited to find a sweet tip at such a low price but soon found out why. Ordered a box of these as an everyday smoke. Disappointed was an understatement. Awful taste, uneven burn, and the wife even thought the aroma was terrible. Exact words were "that cant taste good". In addition the wrapper would consistently come loose during smoking even with the greatest care taken when handling.
J. Murrell in Tennessee February 27, 2013
"Absolutely gross!"
Gross, gross, gross! Inferior tobacco, horribly rolled and absolutely no quality control. I like Baccarat's so I decided to take a chance on these, and holy crap are these horrible! Most had too tight of a draw, the rest fell apart while smoking. All of them taste like they've been dunked in nutra-sweet for a month. STAY AWAY!
Matt G in Ohio November 26, 2012
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