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Maroma Dulce Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Dont judge a cigar by it's band"
So if you're like me, you like a well dressed cigar and dont want a stick wearing a band that looks like you got it at iParty. However, if you can see beyond that, and you like a sweet cap cigar (I do) give this a try. It aint perfect but it's OK..., this little bugger is pretty well put together for the price and the taste should appeal to a wide audience of mild cigar smokers.
SC in Massachusetts October 7, 2012
The difference between the Maroma Natural and Maroma Dulce are night and day. I love the Maroma Natural and flat out hated the Maroma Dulce. Both are shirt filler cigars. The Natural had great draw and burn while the Dulce had neither. The Natural had smooth creamy mild flavor while the Dulce was just nasty.
KH in Austin, TX August 6, 2012
"good smoke for the money"
Smoked one box of these, and was so impressed I bought another. For less than two bucks a stick, these are great for sharing! The sweet cap is a bonus.
Joe in Quincy Illinois August 5, 2012
"Not worth it"
This cigar while rested for two weeks at 65% RH would not stay lit. Poor draw. Poor flavor mild-medium in strength. Poor construction. Post mortem showed short filler. Not recomended.
KH in Austin TX August 2, 2012
"Very surprised"
I was Very surprised by these. I thought they looked kind of cheap so I fired one up to mow the lawn.. Damn this is a good smoke I may keep a box on hand for the morning coffee cigar. Very well done.
Mark in Eastern Oregon June 22, 2012
"Damn good smoke!"
This little guy burns clean and evan rite up to the ring. The sweetened cap is a refreshing experience for your taste buds. A good buy!
Ken in Massachusetts May 23, 2012
"Not for me"
Don,t know why you guys all said sweet , waste of money for me i.ll stick to kuba kuba ..
Tim in Iowa May 21, 2012
"Great for the price"
Has a nice taste that reminds me of coffee which this cigar would go great with. Consistency was average as well as draw. Had to relight a couple times but otherwise, this is a great cigar!
Shane in Minnesota May 7, 2012
"Good Stick"
I'm not crazy about the flavored tip, but the quality of these cigars are excellent for the $1.65 each cost! Good burn, great taste! Well worth the money and way above any other under $2.00 cigar I've ever smoked
Greg in Virginia April 20, 2012
"The Best!"
I have tried many different samplers, but I keep going back to the one that is best. Smooth, mild,satisfying.
Jim C in Ft. Pierce, Fl. January 29, 2012
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