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Maroma Dulce Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Good BUT dipped in table sugar"
Lots of good things especially at this price point. Nice draw, even burn, lots of smoke, light gray ash holds well but I was hoping the "dulce" would come from the tobacco not a candy sweet cap. For me the sugar taste on my lips from every puff distracted from an otherwise very nice cigar. I'll definitely try the unsweetened versions.
Gary in Reston, VA January 8, 2012
"Great supprise"
What a supprise. I received this cigar in a Combo pack and this sweet cigar stole the show. It is a little sweet, just how I like them but don't be fooled it is a great smoke. It has a consistent draw and even burn however of your a slow smoker like me you my need to relight once or twice. I strongly recommend this cigar for people who like very mild with great flavor.
Jim W. in Nor Cal November 23, 2011
"wow killer cigar"
was in the 20 sampler i,was just so impressed i stop what i was doing at work just to enjoy the smoke..rolled the windows up just to keep smell in cab of truck..
clint e in pennington gap va November 12, 2011
"Consistently superb"
Probably the best value I've found for a very good cigar that doesn't disappoint. Both my wife and I find ourselves comparing other cigars to these. A very nice balance of flavor that does indeed go well with a cup of coffee. Probably the ideal morning cigar, and one that should stay in your coat pocket -- with an extra one for a friend.
Mike in Austin, TX October 31, 2011
"Heck of a deal for under $2.00"
I ordered 25 of these for smoking with the guys at the lake and i'm going to order 25 more. For under 2 dollars you get a good 45 minute smoke that taste and burns pretty even. They're a little sweet but that's what i wanted. I would highly recommend.
BigMo in Golden, Missouri October 28, 2011
"I liked this cigar"
I got this cigar in a variety pack I ordered. I had never heard of Maroma so I had no expectations. This was a nice, mild, good tasting cigar. I was pleasantly surprised.
Phil in Washington, DC October 13, 2011
"A pleasent suprise"
Ya know... this cigar is not bad! If you like sweet cigars, this one will not disappoint.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, Il. September 13, 2011
"Not Too Bad..."
Not a bad smoke... a little bitter at times. Not the best, not the worst. Decent draw. Tasty cap. Didn't care for the wrapper, it was reminiscent of a brown paper bag. Would make for a nice golf course smoke. Wouldn't buy again but this would be a great smoke for a newbie smoker or someone who enjoys light bodied sticks with limited complexity.
SONOFGOD in August 18, 2011
"poor construction, bland"
Despite the name "dulce", this cigar is not especially sweet. Or flavorful; I found it pretty dull. It's about like a 5 Vegas Gold with a pinch of sugar added. Also, halfway through the cap came right off. I'm not "wet" with my cigars and my humi is spot on, so I can only chock this up to it not being properly affixed at the factory.
Dave C. in SC August 6, 2011
"Good mild stick!"
This cigars appearance is almost perfect, just a few super small veins. For me the draw was a little loose, but I never had any problem with the burn at all. The sweetened cap was very strong in the first few draws but seen to disappear for awhile. Then in the 2/3 I got some spice, I also got the sweet on my lip, which was nice. The main flavors are a mild tobacco in the first, a little spice in the second, and like a woody favor, I could not put my finger on. Overall pretty good mild cigar!
Austen in California July 9, 2011
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