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"you get what you pay for"
The only positive about this sorry excuse for a cigar was the taste. Sweet cigars but the construction was the worst I ve ever seen. I mean they just fell apart. They didn t stay lit or burn evenly; In short, I derived not a drop of pleasure from this crap. If you like sweet cigars, I strongly recommend Bacarat. They are relatively cheap also, @ $60+/box but i ve bought more boxes of Bacarat than I can count and have been 100% satisfied every time.
David in San Diego,CA July 26, 2014
"maroma dulce"
PRICES are getting to high, for this cigar!
william in chicago June 2, 2014
I got this cigar in the Famous Mild Body Sampler Y and I found the first cigar I just hated. The cigar wrapper and smoke were so sweet it tastes like it was soaked in sugar then coated with honey. I even tried the cigar again after reading the reviews and nope it was still disgusting. just remember Nancy Regan s mantra and Just Say NO!
Jim in MA February 16, 2014
"Great Cigar!!!"
Was very nervous about ordering these because I thought because they were cheap that they would have some issues. Boy was I surprised. These burn awesome, taste great throughout the smoke, great draw, no bad after taste. This is defiantly a everyday cigar
Roger in South Carolina November 21, 2013
"very good cigar for price"
I m a huge baccarat fan and this cigar really delivered for me. Great construction, draw and flavor. Absolutely nothing bad to say about this cigar and it burned perfectly. I ll be buying more.
turk in chicago November 12, 2013
"Very Sweet Cap and Smooth Taste Throughout"
Got 2 of these as part of a sampler. I smoked the first one last night. I wasn't expecting that sweet, sticky cap but it was actually pretty interesting. The overall flavor profile is mild and smooth. It's not the best construction in my opinion but that didn't ruin the value of this one because the flavor made up for a bit of canoeing.
in August 18, 2013
"Better than expected...I want more."
I was sitting on my front steps with a capuccino and a Maroma Dulce robusto that I got in auction as part of a java sampler and it was so nice I looked up reviews to see what others thought. The review on cigaradvisor was spot on... great with coffee, nice burn and draw, very subtle sweet and carmel flavors. Overall I was surprised how good this was for price. I like the Tabak Especials more...but not enough to justify the cost difference. I'm getting a box before the price jumps.
Tony in Syracuse, NY April 14, 2013
"Great for price."
Great stick for the price. Very mild, good burn, draw is OK. I love the taste, no frills just mild tobacco taste and ever so slight sweetness. Not a great finish. If i smoked daily, this would be a go to. Very nice, light smoke. Great price.
Josh in Alabama March 8, 2013
"Very smooth! Very sweet cap!"
Very Sweet cap and a very smooth not harsh at all. The downfall of this stick is the finish is not very good at all. The trick to these cigars in my opinion is to LET THEM REST give them 1 month or more and it turns into a VERY good stick. I always keep some on hand.
Michael in Cincinnati January 16, 2013
"Good for price"
Good smoke for the price. The one I sampled lasted for an hour. Good burn and a little sweet. Worth the buy.
Ron W. in NC November 7, 2012
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