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Maroma Fuerte Reviews

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Maroma Fuerte Churchill
"gotta be kidding"
simply, how could this cigar get any good reviews? one of the worse cigars ever and bar none.
david in arizona February 9, 2012
Maroma Fuerte Churchill
"Good smoke, not great"
good smoke not a great smoke. Will worth the price and I will bay more.
Russell B in Clermont, FL. January 20, 2012
Maroma Fuerte Churchill
"Good smoke, not great"
good smoke not a great smoke. Will worth the price and I will bay more.
Russell B in Clermont, FL. January 20, 2012
Maroma Fuerte Test Flight
"not worth it"
This is one of those I picked up on the monster just to give it a try. It's very mild and bland. Only towards the end did I start to pick up some flavors. Really not worth it, there are better alternatives. I made the mistake of sending this to BOTL before trying. If you like very mild cigars or meet people that smoke once a year then give it a try, at this price you don't have much to lose. In the end everyone has a different taste.
BD in UT December 10, 2011
Maroma Fuerte Robusto
"first one was very good"
the rest of the five pack were the experience of very cheap and crappy cigars, sorry to report this. The next four all cracked and split and also no resemblance of the first one I smoked.
david in arizona December 1, 2011
Maroma Fuerte Toro
"something to smoke"
not bad... not all that good either. A occasional filler cigar for a mid day break. Wrapper a little fragile but draw and burn was fine. Flavor is medium to full. The last half is the best half....
mark Humphries in tyler texas July 11, 2011
Maroma Fuerte Robusto
"Quality has gone to hell"
I`v been buying these since they first came on the market. When they were new, I did`nt want to tell anyone about them, they were a solid bargain. But now the quality has gone down hill, to the point I wont be buying anymore. Half have cracked heads, the rest are rolled too tight. Sad that Famous let the quality go down like this. Sadder still is that they still push them like nothing has happened.
RB in California June 7, 2011
Maroma Fuerte Churchill
I mistakenly said that the Maroma Fuertes and not nearly as good as the Fumadores. I meant that the other way around. "The fumadores are not as good as the Maroma Fuertes." Could you please correct this?
katmancross February 2, 2011
Maroma Fuerte Churchill
"A Real Treat for the $"
The negative reviews are way off. This is an excellent introduction to Garcia for a helluva' price. And no way are they as good as Fumadores. Not in the same class. Garcia made his mark with his aspect of spicy. And these give all that and more. Yeah, a little aging does them well. But for the price, who cares? I got mine on auctioneer for an incredible price but I would still purchase them at full retail. They're worth it. I look forward to their arrival where I shall perform the dance of joy and hug the UPS guy.Of course, he's gotten tired of that from all the great purchases I've made on auctioneer so he made me give him my cell number and I have to wait outside with a catcher's mitt. A fair trade off. My knees hurt, anyway. A rhumba in winter Milwaukee is tough on the joints.
Katmancross in Milwaukee January 30, 2011
Maroma Fuerte Robusto
Where can you find Pepin at such a great price? Sure these are a mixed filler, they do deliver the Pepin spice I really love for a fraction of the Pepin price!! I always look for value and this cigar delivers tons of the Pepin taste at a great price.
Josh S. in Cranston, RI July 26, 2010
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