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Maroma Fuerte Reviews

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Maroma Fuerte Test Flight
"Good Smoke for the $$"
I think these are REALLY GOOD SMOKES for the money. It has a bit of a kick. I also like the Maroma Maduro. Maybe I don't know what I am talking about, but never had a problem, usually smoke 'em right out of the box. High end? no way, but a GOOD SMOKE for the $$. Great everyday cigar
mnhulk in Minnesota July 14, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Toro
"Not Great"
I was excited to see a Pepin Cigar from FS in this price range. I had found a couple others from him on different sites but I love Famous so I was hoping this could become my daily cigar. Unfortunately the taste is pretty basic and not for me. The FS description says "black pepper" and it means it. I could not taste anything other than black pepper. I've had them in my humidor for a couple weeks now hoping they would settle down a bit and I'd be able to taste something other than that like most other Nicaraguan I love but sadly they have not. They are not like any other Pepin blended cigar that I've had and I'm sad that they aren't more like his Fumadors brand which like this one is a mixed filler blend but is medium-full and very tasty.
Tony in Rockford May 15, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Toro
"Excellent for the money!"
Ordered a box of the 6x50s and was very surprised. Body, wrapper, flavor (full) and the taste was great. I have smoked cigars for three decades, ten years in the Army, and this cigar is close to the "Henry Clay" (Dominican) 6x50, Toro. Recommend an increase in gauge to 54 or even 60.
Don in Mechanicville, NY April 29, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Robusto
"Not worth the money!"
First one out the box and the rest in the humidor. Lit it up and the wrapper started splitting. The outer wrapper seemed to be thinner than tissue paper. The cigar literally fell apart little by little as I tried to smoke it. Let the others age thinking I smoked it too soon. Humidity and temp both at 69. So far all have been way less than expected. Every wrapper but one has split and fell away. NO MORE MAROMA FUERTE'S FOR ME. I'll stick with the maduros.
PAPALUD in USA April 24, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Robusto
"Wel worth getting a box"
I have three boxes of Manroa each a different makes and this is my favorite (The Dulce is not worth touching). You will want to let them rest in your humidor for about two to three months, but then you rip through them as a daily treat.
David H in Pomona CA. April 8, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Test Flight
"waste of $$"
I should've trusted the previuos review by "trashman",because that's where these belong ,inTRASH.Amazed to see don pepin garcia's name on these cigars,next new cigar he comes up with,won't trust his name,bad business.
ma2vt in whitingham,vermont February 20, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Robusto
Famous is comparing these to Tabacos Baez Serie SF (a real gem). The only thing that is similar is they are both tobacco. The Maroma burnt horribly, WAAAAY too loose on the draw, had a split wrapper, tasted like burnt marshmallows, and had more soft spots than a baby's skull. Additionally, I had more tobacco bits in my mouth than when I chew unlike the TB SF's. This was an awful smoking experience and I just found a hair sticking out of the head BRILLIANT!?!?!?!? I thought it may just have been a fluke but the second one was just as bad. These are actually as bad as the Tatuaje Serie P's.
trashman in hp February 9, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Churchill
"Best Value Pepin Around"
Got the Flight Test assortment of the different sizes. I've smoked 3 of 'em now, and I gotta say, this is a good smoke for the $. It starts off with a nice blast of pepper and spice in the nose, then settles down into a nice medium-full strength with robust flavors. The wrappers are a tad rough, and the ash will fall off early, presumably due to the mixed filler, but for about $2.50 a stick, it's the best Don Pepin Garcia value out there IMO. A better smoke than the other mixed filler Pepin, which is just so-so in comparison. This one looks to find a spot in my rotation.
CottyGee in Phoenix January 31, 2010
Maroma Fuerte Churchill
"Outstanding BOLD Flavor and Value"
I recently purchased the 9 cigar sampler of these. So far I have tried 1 Toro and 2 Chirchills. These have a light medium brown wrapper. They have a few ever so slightly spongy spots in the pre light squeeze test, but hey, they're mixed filler, no biggie. Upon lighting each one, I was blown away with the huge blast of delicious spice and flavor that tingled the nose nicely. At around 3/4 of an inch in, they settled into a medium to medium plus bodied cigar, with tons of flavor. I got some chocolate, nutmeg, red pepper spice, and other stuff I can't quite put my finger on. These draw and burn very well. The ash never got flaky, and in fact was pretty solid and holds on to the cigar well. This blend of tobaccos is really tasty. The cigar does not smoke like a mixed filler cigar at all. If you like the Pepin flavor profile and don't mind a mixed filler cigar, you have to try these. Very well done Famous and Pepin. Thank you both for bringing out such a tasty cigar at a very reasonable price. I'm buying more of these and will enjoy them often. Perfect for after a big dinner or if you're a fan of big bold flavors, like I am, anytime! Two thumbs UP!!!
Cephis in Chicago January 28, 2010
La Floridita Fuerte
Amilcar Perez Castro