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Maroma Maduro Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"im a new comer"
this not a bad cigar i enjoy them its my 2 box i least give it a 8 but ive some other cigars that gave me some trouble but yes it is afordable box
steve in muskegon michigan January 27, 2008
"Great Lite-Gar"
If you're looking for a smooth and light smoke, these are the lightest maduro I have ever tried. They are perfect for novice smokers that feel a strong cigar is too much. When I introduce a newbie to the world of cigars, I usually let them try one of my better and stronger cigars only to watch them turn green and look for an exit. Then I break out the Maroma Maduro on the next go-round and they are always surprised by the smoothness. I'm on the 3rd box and I keep them around for an everyday morning smoke.
R. Martin in Dallas Texas September 28, 2007
I had bought a couple of the Famous house brands before (Famous 3000 being one and its excellent) so i figured at under $10 for 5 I could'nt go wrong. Well, i did. unless these sticks are meant to sit in a humi for a long spell I gotta say these are just utterly forgettable. The flavor is literally that of cardboard with no sweetness, no spiciness, no strength whatsoever. I tried 3 at different times on different days just to be sure it wasn't me and sure enough, it wasn't. I suggest Famous perhaps taste a few occasionally because I can't fathom that these were allowed to go on the market with the flavor I got from this 5-pack. Nice label design though.....
TeeJay in RI April 8, 2007
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10 Taste (69) 100
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10 Construction (64) 100
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