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Maroma Maduro Reviews

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Maroma Maduro Churchill
"Good taste, horrible construction"
This is a good tasting cigar that suffers, perhaps irredeemably, from poor construction. The worst of its several build flaws is the bad draw. I found myself re-cutting these things in order to finish one...no fun! I liked the taste enough to get through two boxes, but I could not recommend them and I won t be buying them again.
Maduro Lover July 31, 2014
Maroma Maduro Corona
Awful smoke. Burned uneven -- when it burned at all. Smoked hot -- when it smoked at all.
Maduro Lover July 31, 2014 June 8, 2014
Maroma Maduro Corona
"Maroma corona"
By far the worst cigar I have ever purchased! Not worth the savings......even if they give them away for free..... horrible
Robert basile in Florida December 29, 2013
Maroma Maduro Robusto
the worst ever! I should have known for $1.60 a stick...get what you pay for....
Taylor in Florida December 27, 2013
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"Only Idiots Complain About Great Econmy Cigars!"
I smoke expensive top brand cigars. my son gave me a Maroma maduro Robusto on thanksgiving day that he had gotten in a sampler from you folks. this cigar, for the money,is a fantastic every day robusto with a sweet woody flavor and a hearty body. OK....so they don't burn like 5 to 10 dollar cigars. all of you idiots that complain about these cigars burning improperly need to get a torch so that you can clean up the side that is canoeing . Idiots that want to compare these delicious hondouran every day cigars to cigars that cost three times as much are merely that as I have described them as....IDIOTS! I also received a five pack of Rafael Gonzales Toros with the order. another fantastic smoke for the $$$. I am a customer for life. GREAT PRICES, GREAT SELECTION, GREAT COMPANY!!!! amazingly fast shipping! . I will be ordering from you folks from now on. However, anyone of the fools that call these Maroma Maduros bad names, have no idea of what a decent cigar is, how to smoke it ...and more importantly..how to have a great experience with a GREAT economy cigar!
Peter Lang in New Jersey December 3, 2013
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"No regrets"
Received my box of cigars on Wednesday. I have smoked 4 so far and I have no regrets buying these.Good draw, burns evenly, and great taste.My favorite cigar is Sancho Panza, but these by far are as good as Sancho Panza in my opinion.
Ben Goff in Vincennes, Indiana July 12, 2013
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"Offensively Bad!"
Where to start? Uneven burn, harsh taste, inconsistent flavor and burn out quickly. I love Famous SS, but these were a bad gamble. Threw away the remaining lot after suffering though 4 of them.
Paul in Orange, Texas April 22, 2013
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"dont judge a book..."
I like the Maroma brand and its a good smoke. But (Im also very shallow and) I appreciate band art; it's an important part of the cigar for me. Can you guys please come up with something that doesnt make it appear as if Im smoking Purina dog chow?? Good smoke but the band needs some sophistication.
SC in Mass November 11, 2012
Maroma Maduro Churchill 5 Pack
"They belong on (or in) the river."
Burn like a canoe, worst cigar construction I've ever seen. Might taste good if they'd stay lit. I spend more time clipping and relighting than smoking. Very disappointed.
Ed in Marion County, AR November 6, 2012
Maroma Maduro Churchill
"can't beat em for the price"
wow, under a buck, these things are way underated.great taste and aroma, i un wrapped a few let them sit in a ceder box for a couple weeks or so and man, not bad at all, rated a 67 this cigar was better then some high priced 90 rated cigars I've smoked, construction and burn ok ...i'am buying a bundle
russell in brigantine, nj October 6, 2012
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