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Maroma Maduro Reviews

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Maroma Maduro Churchill
Horrible....I've never worked so hard to smoke a cigar. The burn was crazy bad, I got a five pack and EVERY one burned bad......
Dennis in Arkansas July 5, 2012
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"just ok"
Not a bad flavor, did not burn evenly, considering price, it was ok
Mark in PA June 9, 2012
Maroma Maduro Toro
"Not Happy at All"
Tried a sampler first...should not have opened the box. Sure didn't think a whole box would be as bad as the sampler. Long to short...WRONG! Extremely poor burn, taste only marginally decent. Generally could only get a decent burn for the first inch or two, then it would just crap out. Live and learn, I guess, but the cigar is touted way too highly for its actual performance.
Steve in Ohio May 22, 2012
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"Not good"
Been though 8 sticks one burned ok; the rest CANOED BAD. Harsh and little pleasure to be had. Take a pass on theses.
Jim in San Diego April 13, 2012
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"Pure Crap"
The draw was as easy as breathing through a snorkel, it was so loosely packed, you could easily pinch it in half, it tasted like I was smoking lawn clippings, and it burned like I just lit a cannon fuse. Absolutely pathetic.
Andrew in Petaluma, CA March 14, 2012
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"pretty bad"
I got this as part of a sampler. Ive only tried one but it was the worst of the bunch. Wouldnt recommend.
DS in Mass February 16, 2012
Maroma Maduro Robusto
Taste terrible! Expect fingernails, tunnels, and touch ups galore. These have to bne the worst I've ever had!
Bill in Maryland January 31, 2012
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"Descent smoke..."
This gar was a descent smoke with nice flavour, a good burn, draw, and construction. For a cheap smoke it is worth the money and the time to keep some around for a daily flavor - it also went great with my full strength coffee as it popeed with a gentle spicy flavor and a bitter cocoa taste to bring full enhancement to both. Thanks Nestor for a nice smooth smoke!
Jon in Indiana January 6, 2012
Maroma Maduro Lonsdale
"Great flavor, inconsistent construction"
Have purchased many boxes. Each time I conclude I'm finished with the brand. The flavor brings me back. The problem is too many burn unevenly - canoe.
Bob E in Tennessee December 17, 2011
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"You get what you pay for"
These burn unevenly and tunnel quickly, and overall perform and taste cheap.
John in Columbus November 24, 2011
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