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Maroma Maduro Reviews

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Maroma Maduro Toro
"good cigar"
This is a good cigar, There are much better ones out there, but you pay much more for them.
Sean in Ft. Worth August 22, 2011
Maroma Maduro Lonsdale
"For the value-conscious"
Decent cigar if you get them at a bargain on auction. OK consistent flavor, but you will get little bits of tobacco in your mouth for most of your smoke. I won't be smoking these again. There are too many others to try.
Vince in New York August 18, 2011
Maroma Maduro Lonsdale
"Bad, bad, bad"
I really like Maromas, but this style frankly sucked. Horrible burn,uneven, kept going out, lousy harsh taste. Very disappointing.
Scott in Illinois August 5, 2011
Maroma Maduro Robusto
not good at all bad burn strong taste even to the seasoned cigar smoker don't waste your money
dennis in wisconsin June 5, 2011
Maroma Maduro Churchill
"Great taste, Poor Construction"
It doesn't have a consistent burn, but the taste makes up for it.
Jason Dowell in Kansas May 29, 2011
Maroma Maduro Robusto
"Did I Get A Bad Batch?"
Maybe I did get a bad batch when I look at the previous reviews. Burn was horrible! No consistency in taste in a single cigar or from one to another. Draw was okay but nothing to write home about. Decent looking cigar, a little rough but I don't put much credence in a "pretty" cigar. I want taste, easy draw and consistent flavor from light up to last draw. Did not get any of that or any good taste with this cigar! Got them on sale but would not reorder at any price!
Jason Dowell in Kansas May 29, 2011 December 2, 2010
Maroma Maduro Robusto 5 Pack
"no taste"
cigar had no taste, none. I thought if I smoked it would improve,
smoke lover in nj November 30, 2010
Maroma Maduro Lonsdale
"They are GREAT !!!"
I have been smoking these ever since Famous Smokes relished them . I have had more compliments on these than any other cigar I have ever smoked !!! I have offered to move away from other people when I smoke them and been told to stay just where I am . As I have always said . I have never heard a person say that is a great smelling cigarette . Giturdun
Joseph L. Beitler in West Grove Pa. 19390 November 24, 2010
Maroma Maduro Toro
"Bad burn, mushy, disappointed, and a little upset."
My cigars were bad. Bad burn, especially outside in a breeze. After about a minute, the cigar softened and had a mushy feel. It also tended to "go out" and I had to continuosly re-light. I should have sent them back for credit or exchange, but thought the next cigar had to be better. It wasn't! I think this was a "pick of the month" by one of their experts. Bad pick! I am extremely disappointed in this box of Maroma Maduro Toros. The taste was pretty good, but that's all that was good.
Daniel in Ballwin, Missouri August 17, 2010
Maroma Maduro Lonsdale
"Surprising good, very enjoyable!"
I took a box of Maroma Lonsdales to my son's wedding to share with guests. EVERYBODY really enjoyed them, commenting on how mild and tasteful the were. Thanks for recommendation.
Frank in Mount Morris, NY July 26, 2010
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