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Maroma Maduro Corona Reviews [view details]

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Awful smoke. Burned uneven -- when it burned at all. Smoked hot -- when it smoked at all.
in June 8, 2014
"Maroma corona"
By far the worst cigar I have ever purchased! Not worth the savings......even if they give them away for free..... horrible
Robert basile in Florida December 29, 2013
"Not good"
Very poor draw. Uneven burn. The robusto version has never been a problem. Will NOT order these coronas again.
Paul in Indiana July 6, 2010
"if you want to stop smoking"
************If you want to stop smoking cigars this is the one for you! Just burn the money you would spend on these and you will get more enjoyment!************
Steve in Murrieta CA February 26, 2010
"No hint of cocoa taste in sight."
Below average, though by appearance it looks very well made.
Lou B in Orland Park October 8, 2009
"Nice Nicaraguan Smoke"
For the money, you cant beat this smoke. Even burn, lots of smoke, and great taste all the way to the nub. This has to be one of the best when you are searching for a daily, go to cigar. It is as good as, or better than the Curly Head, especially for the price!!!! Dont miss this one!
Chuck in Tampa April 24, 2009
I am always looking for an everyday cigar, and this isn't it.I keep waiting for it to get better,but it only gets worse.I'll stick to the curly head delux.
Brad in Phoenix,Az. March 18, 2009
"Incredible value"
I can't believe the high quality and great taste for next to nothing in price. This cigar puts to shame many other brands that charge 3-4 times the price. Keep a box of these for everyday go to cigars and you won't be sorry.
Chris in Maryland February 17, 2009
LEONARDKL in FARMINGDALE, N.Y. February 17, 2008
"Poor excuse for a cigar!"
NONE (0) of the sticks in the 5-pack I received burned worth a damn! Even after a couple of months in the humidor. They all burned extremely uneven/"raggedy-assed" and would not stay lit. Wrapper or binder or both seem "too heavy" for this...too thick. I finally just threw the last one away...didn't want the hassle of trying to smoke it since the taste is mediocre at best. Definitely a D-O-G in my book...I won't buy them again...there are too many other good smokes out there to waste my time and $$ on this disappointing cigar.
Scott in Hawaii April 11, 2007
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10 Construction (66) 100
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