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Maroma Natural Reviews

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Maroma Corona
"Great Value Mild and Creamy"
The difference between the Maroma Natural and Maroma Dulce are night and day. I love the Maroma Natural and flat out hated the Maroma Dulce. Both are shirt filler cigars. The Natural had great draw and burn while the Dulce had neither. The Natural had smooth creamy mild flavor while the Dulce was just nasty.
KH in Austin, TX August 6, 2012
Maroma Robusto
"A dud."
This cigar was from a mild sampler pack. I did not enjoy it. The cigar didn't cut very well. The cut was flat but the tip crumbled, however this didn't produce any tobacco bits while smoking. It lit easily and the draw was fine. The burn was very uneven and it did not want to stay lit. I kept it going, but it was work. The ash held a long time. The aroma was nice but the taste was a little bitter. I just didn't like this smoke.
Tony M in Plano, TX July 8, 2012
Maroma Corona
Taste was pretty good and consistent. Good price for it. Halfway through the wrapper literally unraveled and i was left with the binder.
bill in arizona June 19, 2012
Maroma Robusto
"Good daily Smoke"
Good draw and burn, great taste, by far my favorite among the Maromas I've tried.
RonB in Pacifica, CA April 20, 2012
Maroma Robusto
"Well its Ok"
Second one out of a sampler pack found it mild, had to take several puffs to keep it going for the first half, the draw seamed loose, it tasted better at the end. I would spend a little more and purchase something better.
Game Chef in Silicon valley Ca March 3, 2012
Maroma Robusto
"A nice light smoke"
Tight draw at first light. Mild light flavour, nice even burn. Ash a bit grey. very smooth second half a bit light for me but if your looking for a nice lighter smoke with a cold beer this is a good choice.
Chris in Ashburn Ontario Canada December 29, 2011
Maroma Robusto
This was a stick from a sampler.I'm new to the cigar scene. I took the suggestion of smoking this with a cup of coffee and enjoyed it. I noticed a slight difference in flavor when I ran out of the coffee. Don't let this one linger in the ashtray, I slowed down a bit toward the end and had to double-puff to keep it from getting that cold tobacco taste.
Mark in Upstate NY December 16, 2011
Maroma Corona
"i want more.... .... ."
this was the very 1st. cigar i bought from famous smoke shop they smoke good and after a hard day of work i brewed some java and sat down with my maroma and just relax the day away.
ALBERT in SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS November 30, 2011
Maroma Robusto
"Good and Bad"
These cigars are a straight forward smoke. They have a very dry tobacco flavor with some very subtle earthy notes. I am unsure if I got a bad one, but these cigars had some tunneling problems and the draw was extremely tight (required a small puff, followed by a standard draw.) It is not fun to battle with a cigar in order to smoke it. MAS
Mike in Richmond October 11, 2011
Maroma Corona
"Creamy Delight"
Very good cigar. Nice burn and draw. Great creamy taste. For the price you can't beat it. My regular smoke is a Baccarat and these are just as good in my opinion.
Michael in El Paso, TX August 19, 2011
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