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Maroma Natural Reviews

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Maroma Toro
"Not Good but Not Bad"
An inexpensive cigar, so I was not expecting a great smoke. Pretty good draw and construction. Started off very mild and stayed mild until the halfway point. Then the taste turned into an ashtray. I typically smoke my cigars down to at least the 2 inch mark. But after trying a couple maromas I won't smoke a maroma past the halfway mark again. Not bad for a cheap cigar. And for $1.50 per stick I can afford to throw it away a little early.
Chris in Oregon May 2, 2011
Maroma Robusto
"good smoke for money"
not sure why guys dont like this. True its mixed filler but burns well and tastes great, and the price is right.
jesse in Vermont April 11, 2011
Maroma Toro
"Very Good!"
I bought a bunch of 5 packs - only wish that I had purchased more. These are very smooth, very buttery, very good!
Gar Guy in USA March 6, 2011
Maroma Corona
"I have found all the Maroma brands to be very good"
Creamy, great draw, very consistent, burns nice and even and taste is mild and pleasing.
Scott in Illinois March 4, 2011
Maroma Toro
"Great for the price"
I've bought several 5 packs and the cigars have always been good. I paid more for a lot less of a smoke.
Gary in Amherst,Ohio November 5, 2010
Maroma Lonsdale
"Could get a hernia trying to draw this one !"
I've never been so disappointed in a stick . Can't find a single good thing to say about this one and I have enjoyed other MAroma's immensely. Could be these are just wrapped too tight ? Whatever, it has been a total disappointment.I'll give other Maroma's a chance but will stay clear of this one.
Jim in Granby ,CT July 20, 2010
Maroma Toro
"don't buy"
I bought a 5 pack and the cigars were great. I bought a box and they burned terrible. I have to relight all the time and I just ended up tossing the cigar in the trash. I have smoked 10 so far out of the box and they are all that way. Maybe I just got a bad box but it will be my last.
mike in lexington May 29, 2010
Maroma Corona
"Great mild cigar. Creamy too!"
It took me smoking half the box before I realized how much I like this cigar. I find myself always grabbing one when I'm indefferent on what to smoke. Very creamy, great draw, very consistent, burns well and taste is mild but pleasing. Great morning cigar and goes excelent with coffee. Can't complain about the price either.
Big J in California April 14, 2010
Maroma Corona
"One tasty smoke"
A very creamy, mild cigar. Perfect draw and burn.
The Mad Hermit in Bristol ,CT February 2, 2010
Maroma Churchill
"Great smoke to alway keep with you."
I have a 5 pack leather pouch in my truck that I usually keep filled with this cigar. It is a great everyday cigar that I usually smoke on my home comute (23mi.) I find the quality of construction, the draw and the burn excellent. If I want to, I can get an even 1.5 to 2 inch ash with no offset in side or middle burning. The mildness of the cigar's taste and smell also allows me to carry it into my local Moose Lodge without disturbing anyone. (Yes, we can still smoke in the Social Quarters in Florida) A good cigar at a good price. If you haven't tried them yet, I suggest you do. I am already on my 5th box.
Ken in Saint Petersburg, FL January 24, 2010
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