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Maroma Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Good and Bad"
These cigars are a straight forward smoke. They have a very dry tobacco flavor with some very subtle earthy notes. I am unsure if I got a bad one, but these cigars had some tunneling problems and the draw was extremely tight (required a small puff, followed by a standard draw.) It is not fun to battle with a cigar in order to smoke it. MAS
Mike in Richmond October 11, 2011
"good smoke for money"
not sure why guys dont like this. True its mixed filler but burns well and tastes great, and the price is right.
jesse in Vermont April 11, 2011
This was not a good cigar in my opinion. It had a hard draw and it was very spicy and not to enjoyable. The price is not bad for a cheap cigar but it lacks aroma. A bit too spicey and unflavorable for my palate.
Pete in Miami,Fl December 19, 2009
"Not worth the money even at this low price"
They look well constructed.... the draw is ok ....a few burned ok but when it comes down to it.....they fall apart, they taste awful, and the filler ends up in your teeth. Would spend a little extra for a different stick.
steve s. in baltimore October 26, 2009
"Decent Mild Quick Smoking Stick"
I was suprised how mild this stick was from start to finish. It's listed as Medium but I found the stick to be extremely mild. The draw was excellent and the smoke was very full which I found were the stogie's strong points. The lack of taste was suprising and the quick burn of the cigar were the only draw backs. Aroma on the stick was average. I guess for a $2 cigar, what do you expect. For a new smoker, probably a good starter cigar. For someone that has been smoking for a while, probably not a usual suspect.
James in Concord, NH October 21, 2009
"Great cigar to have with a coffee!"
This was one of the first boxes of cigars I ever bought. I can tell you I will be buying more of these without hesitation! I have smoked a few different cigars now, but I always come back to this one as my go to.
Justin in Massachusetts April 13, 2009
"Color me impressed!"
The FSS description of the Maroma line intrigued me enough to buy a 5 pack (natural). I have found the description highly accurate: Very mellow, mild to med. strength with creamy, buttery flavors and a hint of cocoa. The cigar itself is "loose" or soft when you squeeze it and it burns a little quicker than most but I really, really like 'em. Don't let the cheap price fool you. If you are considering them, get a 5 pack and judge for yourself. I'm glad I did... they're a fine little smoke!
Bingo in Missouri August 23, 2008
I have been looking for that go to kick back and relax cigar for some time know and i have found it and at a great price, great aroma clouds of smoke and burn was perfect a must try for any one looking for that go to cigar
Samuel in Kerman California May 2, 2008
"Freakin' Awesome!!!!"
I absolutely love these cigars! They are freakin awesome! I smoked a couple after a couple of days in my humidor. The taste, and smell are great. They burned a little uneven. A little more time in the humi will fix that though. They are possibly the best mild cigar I have ever smoked. I like them better than Macanudo AND they are way cheaper. They are my new everyday smoke and have a permanent spot in my huni and rotation. Buy a box today. You won't regret it! I'm glad I bought two!
Chad in Oklahoma April 29, 2008
"Green when their new but..."
I've had these seasoning in my humi since June of '07. I like them fine fresh upon receiving them, but now these have become my favorite Conneticut! Tons of creamy smoke, even burn with long but delicate ash. Not a monochromatic smoke by any means. Starts toasty, goes to hints of raisins and finishes with a snap of strong cedar. Buyem'
SCOTT B in Southwest Utah April 19, 2008
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