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"Stars of the Sampler"
You get these in the 20 under 20 sampler number 1. In my opinion these along with the Tesoro's are the bargains of the bunch. Draw and burn are as good as any premium smoke after some humi time. No issues with construction or appearance. Flavor is light and its up to each individual smoker if they like it or not. As part of this low cost sampler they are gems.
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 22, 2014
"Wouldn t stay lit but still OK"
This cigar was mild and peppery! I didn t like it, but my friend did. It needed relit several times and burned uneven, but still was a decent mild cigar. No nasty aftertaste. This is great for if you re a little drunk and not in a position to savor a good cigar. It s perfectly adequate.
Kay in July 21, 2014
"Decent for the price.."
Draw is too loose, taste is bitter/cedar wood with a short finish, creamy texture, construction is some in the middle, but for the price.. Is a sure buy. Will not buy again, but i have another same Maroma.. I will let 'em age like a year or so.. And see if it will change anything with the flavors.
Raz in Israel October 1, 2013
"Decent weekday cigar"
Decent mild flavor. Inconsistent construction and burn from cigar to cigar otherwise I would rate it higher. Still can't beat it for the price.
Don in Las Vegas September 1, 2013
"Nothing fantastic"
Just a mild cigar. Nothing great, nothing bad.
Cal Cameron in Kentucky June 11, 2013
"Work in yard Cigars"
Easy cigar to smoke and doesn't require a lot of attention while smoking so great for working in the yard fishing etc. With the Maroma line letting them rest is key as soon as I get these they come right out of the celo and into my humi and stay there for months and they are a much different cigar when I pull them out as compared to when I put them in. Easy buy for me a 1.00$ I do prefer the Maroma dulce though
Michael in Cincinnati January 16, 2013
"A dud."
This cigar was from a mild sampler pack. I did not enjoy it. The cigar didn't cut very well. The cut was flat but the tip crumbled, however this didn't produce any tobacco bits while smoking. It lit easily and the draw was fine. The burn was very uneven and it did not want to stay lit. I kept it going, but it was work. The ash held a long time. The aroma was nice but the taste was a little bitter. I just didn't like this smoke.
Tony M in Plano, TX July 8, 2012
"Good daily Smoke"
Good draw and burn, great taste, by far my favorite among the Maromas I've tried.
RonB in Pacifica, CA April 20, 2012
"Well its Ok"
Second one out of a sampler pack found it mild, had to take several puffs to keep it going for the first half, the draw seamed loose, it tasted better at the end. I would spend a little more and purchase something better.
Game Chef in Silicon valley Ca March 3, 2012
"A nice light smoke"
Tight draw at first light. Mild light flavour, nice even burn. Ash a bit grey. very smooth second half a bit light for me but if your looking for a nice lighter smoke with a cold beer this is a good choice.
Chris in Ashburn Ontario Canada December 29, 2011
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10 Burn (77) 100
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10 Consistency (79) 100
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10 Draw (85) 100
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10 Appearance (84) 100
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10 Taste (77) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (79) 100
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